Thursday, January 13, 2022

A Touch of Madness


Maître de: “Yes, we have your reservation.  Can you show me your vaccine passport?”

Woman: “No. I have a religious exemption.”

Maître de: “I’m sorry, but that doesn’t work here at Café Capitulation.”

Woman: “I’m sad to hear that” (turns to walk away).

Maître de: “By the way, what religion are you?”

Woman (pulls out a doll from her purse that looks exactly like the maître de.): “Voodoo.”

Maître de: “Ah, a table has just become available.  Right this way, madam.” 


Robin: “Holy smoke, Batman!  Could it be that the villain Bane wearing a mask and the Joker blowing up hospitals in our previous episodes was predictive programming for what we are living in now?”

Bruce Wayne (wearing a Batman costume): “Best not to pursue it further, Robin.  We have stock in the pharmaceutical companies ourselves.”



Reporter: “So why are you only now warning us about the very mRNA technology that you helped develop rather than blowing the whistle back when you were creating this bioweapon?”

Dr. Frankenstein: “I needed more test subjects.  Ending up with only one mutant could’ve been an anomaly.”



Sportscaster: “Here comes the tennis star, Boris Williams.  How have you won 40 majors and are still winning at age 50?”

Boris Williams (wearing a billion-dollar smile): “I have no idea.  Be sure to take your boosters.”

Sportscaster: “But you were denied entry into tournaments back during the vaccine mandates because you refused to take them.  What happened to all your competition?”

Boris Williams: “I have no idea.  Be sure to take your boosters.”



CEO: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the sole survivor of our 25th booster shot.  (Big Pharma stockholders give the poor emaciated wretch a standing ovation).

CEO: “Unfortunately, it looks like we have put ourselves out of business.” 

(Dead silence).



21st Century Heroes in the Headlines:

“Drone Operator wins Congressional Medal of Honor.”

“Stowaway on Billionaire’s Spaceship Reveals Truth about Flat Earth Theory.”

“Developer of Masks for Dogs Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine.”

“Developer of Masks for Cats Remains in Stable Condition at Local Hospital.”



Final Episode: “Riddle me this, Batman--Do you mean to tell me that you looked the other way when all those people were being murdered in exchange for money that is no longer worth anything?”



Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Burning Bridges

We are now over a year into the vaccination extermination program, and we still have much to learn regarding what is actually in them and what they do to us, especially in the long-term. 

We know that these shots contain such things as stainless steel, graphene oxide, self-aware hydras and genetic therapy alterations including the immune system. 

As with most of their other diabolical schemes, this shot is not just about one thing.   It may end up killing most who have taken them, but death will come from all directions with a myriad of diseases that can be blamed.  The most telling sign continues to be the sheer number of deaths occurring in a short period of time. 

It looks to me like their intention is to “mitigate the spread” of deaths over the next few years so the underlying cause won’t be so obvious.  And with imminent war abroad as well as hard tyranny and civil war at home, the chaos and carnage that could soon occur will make it difficult to follow anything else amidst the chaos and the lies that surround us.  When the virus becomes “old news,” we’re going to be dealing with things even worse. 

As far as the vaccine goes, the scariest part about it to me is the superconductor (graphene oxide) in the shots as well as the hydras.  Reading so many of the stories of those with vaccine injuries, common symptoms have been described as electric jolts, extremities feeling like being stuck with pins and needles, feeling like something is moving in them, feeling like they are being shocked, etc. 

Can the vaccinated be killed remotely through their cell phones?  It’s starting to look like a possibility.  Can their moods be altered and controlled from the outside?  Can they be forced into doing things with their bodies against their will?  These are questions that could be answered in the future.

We’re starting to get down to it now as those who have seen through the ruse have no intention of ever getting vaccinated.  A good sign is that even in Sanctuary cities like L.A., parents are rising up against school districts trying to mandate vaccines for their children.  Once you start needing defibrillators in elementary schools, it’s time to bring out the torches and pitchforks. 

I do think that they will launch their false-flag cyberattack(?) soon as the internet is no longer being used to their advantage.  But getting back to the vaccinated, does a power outage mean that they can no longer be electronically activated or controlled?

We may all be test subjects, but we are not all mindless guinea pigs.  As their vaccine storyline continues to break down, get ready for the new headlines of calamity that are sure to follow. 

Their bridges are burning while they are still on them.         




Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Parallel Lives


The stranger awakened with a start.  He remembered lying down to take a nap under an oak tree.  This time, he looked up at the giant sycamore that his head was resting upon. 

Leaving the small forest of trees just outside of a neighborhood which he had first assumed was his own, the stranger immediately noticed that the energy level was much different.  It was Summertime and families were out in their yards with children riding bikes and playing ball.

No one was wearing masks nor was there any social distancing going on.  The stranger approached a woman who was watching her child riding her bike. 

“Doesn’t anyone know that we are in a pandemic?” the stressed-out stranger asked the woman.

“There’s no pandemic here,” the woman replied. 

“Aren’t we under lockdown by our government and healthcare officials to mitigate the spread of the COVID virus?”

“Of course not, that’s preposterous!” said the woman calling in her child as she had begun to distrust the stranger’s sanity.

The stranger continued walking down the sidewalk.  He came across a man sitting in his yard watching children playing on a waterslide. 

“Do you want a beer?” asked the man.  There was an empty lawn chair next to him with an ice chest in-between. “The wife’s inside checking on her casserole.” 

“Aren’t we supposed to be in lockdown for the virus due to government mandates?” asked the stranger.

The man laughed.  “Why would we allow such madness?  Granted, we had a bad flu season the year-before-last.  But last year’s flu season was mild.  Most had built up a natural immunity to it by then.”

“But didn’t the government mandate vaccinations for the people?” 

“Come to think of it, some little sawed-off, snake-oil salesman tried to scare us into taking his toxic drugs awhile back, but after we hanged him for treason, support for such nonsense disappeared.  I don’t even remember his name.” 

“Nobody that I know of has ever taken any of these shots,” the man continued.  “When we threatened to mandate them for all politicians and their families under direct medical and scientific supervision, the entire agenda pretty much petered out.”

The stranger was having trouble processing what he was hearing.  He changed the subject.

“What about the wars in the Middle East?” he asked.  “Are our troops still being pulled out of these areas?”

“That’s crazy talk!” the man answered, beginning to look at the stranger with a jaded eye. “Our troops were never even there.  After we exterminated the traitors involved in the Gulf of Tonkin hoax and made politicians guilty until proven innocent for any corruption charges by law, we haven’t been involved in any war since.”

“I don’t know where the hell you came from,” the man continued, “But we learned a long time ago that hanging a few traitors now and then results in much less misery and bloodshed for the rest of us.”

The Stranger looked around at the vibrant neighborhood where everyone was enjoying themselves.  It reminded him of his own childhood and what a different world it had been back then, where the streetlights told him when to come home and monsters masquerading as humans were found only in the movies.

The Stranger wanted to go back to a simpler way of life.  He understood that no people could evolve unless they were allowed access to both sides of the story.  Anyone or any system that would restrict this information was the enemy to true growth and a meaningful existence no matter their earthly guise.   

Upon returning to the forest, the Stranger climbed up the sycamore tree to rest.  He slept peacefully with a child-like faith that he would awaken to a better way of life.    













Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Think Twice


Do you know that you’ve been lied to yet or are you still part of the lie?

How long can they keep the lie going before there are too many maimed and dead bodies to cover it up?  My guess is that by the end of Winter, no one will be able to take refuge in the lie anymore due to the impending mass exodus into the afterlife.     

Too bad that we are not allowed to hear the other side of the story.  And yet that is not quite true, and the more you read, the more sites you will find.  Follow some of these stories each day and you will think twice about getting yourself or your children vaccinated:

The lie is collapsing on its own footprint just like all their other lies.  Be ready for something big to snatch what’s left of our minds away from the truth of it:  These are kill shots with a time-release formula tailored to the genetics of the individual.   

The holdouts should take comfort in knowing that there will be other groups targeted instead of us once the truth is known to all. 

If we can just survive the “common cold” variant that will mostly kill off the vaccinated with their genetically altered early expiration dates, the meek (those not involved with any of the various political, medical, and religious death-cults) could very well inherit the earth. 





Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Ravages of Guilt


A different way of looking at our lives is like a scientific experiment.  Not everyone who has refused to take the shot has lived a life of investigation, but I would say that all those who have truly lived in this way have refused to take the shot.

Most people conduct much the same shoddy work on their own individual experiment as the ones being run on them now.  Refusing to see the folly of their choices results in skewed statistics manifesting as recurrent aberrant behavior patterns unrecognized by those whose minds have been captured by the trappings of the experiment.  Blindly supporting the troops being steered by psychopaths or taking the shot based upon the celebrity stooges of your choosing comes to mind. 

Another benefit of employing the scientific method is that we can observe what becomes of these moronic nihilists who so callously toss aside millions of their previous peers whose side-effects have more than proven an experiment gone awry.  What sort of self-exploration of their lives have they ever launched to bring them to such a deplorable state?  They walk in darkness.

Such emotions as guilt, shame and remorse have no place when sitting at the controls of the experiment as emotion can destroy objectivity.  

Of course, another major problem is how those in control can use our guilt to commit self-destructive acts like rolling up your sleeve for their kill shots or you are unpatriotic. 

But there are matters of the heart that cannot be healed without the emotions that naturally follow after we have seen through enough of our own foolish behavior patterns. 

Once you understand, no one gets to use that guilt against you but you--so to speak.  We make peace with our skewing of the data that has resulted in the same bad outcomes.  We make progress.

The grand experiment continues.  It began once we took our first breath, and it will end when we take our last.  But we must become self-regulating spiritual scientists if we are to navigate the hazards of the systems of our world and escape with our souls intact.

Most carry guilt for good reason.  It’s meant to teach what’s wrong with us and this is vital for us to become a self-correcting people free from the need of a master or any of their tools. 

You know, the ones who continue having their guilt used against them.





Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Criminals of Denial

I’ve been watching a number of videos, articles and comments from “Christians” refusing to take the shots or allow them to be put into their children.  We are definitely “Separating the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to this bunch.

Even their demagogue Trump can’t dissuade many of them from not taking the shot and that is one of the reasons why he was not appointed.  But that’s not all that is required if we are to have any chance of turning this around.

The story of the crucifixion is pertinent during these times.  Christ was placed between two criminals.  One side represents those who would blame others for all their problems until the bitter end, never taking responsibility for the part they played in their own demise.  And the spirit of these dark and ubiquitous entities can be found on both the Right and the Left of the political spectrum as well as within the ranks of their twisted religions.

On the other side are those who have seen the error of their own ways and are now trying to awaken the criminals of denial as to why they are actually up there.  With such a short and predictable end, this story would be of no real value if consciousness expired along with the body.

We all have a chance to connect to the Light in the center.  True repentance and healing comes with the humility of realizing where you have gone wrong on a personal level.  I’ll give you a hint: You have put your faith in liars.

Love waits to express its forgiveness--but there is an order to things…   





Thursday, December 2, 2021

Lay Your Burdens Down


Supporters of the genocide abroad

Supporters of the democide at home

They’re getting ready for the big big fight

Continued crime is lighting up the phones


The dying dollar sparks the fuse

While they’re selling us the Covid blues

Higher prices for what can’t be found

Manufactured by the next lock-down


White-coat bastards push the needle in

Turn-coat bastards hold the prisoners down

How many bodies of your own dead kids

Before its time to lay your burdens down


How do I pay for all this pain and sorrow

When in my name I took so many tomorrows

So many tomorrows


Now it’s time for us to make things right

It’s nice to finally see the line

But we had better open up our hearts

Before we go and tear ourselves apart


The vertical hierarchy is an arduous climb

Unless you strike at its base