Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cult of Personality

A false-front to reality

The influential words

Stated with conviction

Can make logic sound absurd


When spoken with a certainty

The mind it can help sway

Of truthfulness and honesty

It often holds at bay


But just behind this grand facade

Where essence does reside

Sometimes the two will find their match

But most times they divide


The cult of personality

Yes, it’s as old as time

It offered Eve the apple

While it made her feel sublime


The enticement is to follow it

For it makes us feel so plain

Though we all have but two choices

And are subject to the same


It resurrects a brighter future

Of the past, it says no more

It wants not to remind you

Of the path it trod before


The cult of personality

Often comes to you in stealth

Perhaps its greatest enemy

Is to listen to yourself


Whether fault be placed upon the mask

That says what we long to hear

Penalty’s paid by the populace

For lending it their ear


Remember that a smile can be

A tool to mesmerize

If you wish to know the truth

Try looking in his eyes

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