Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Fix is In

Charles Comiskey, the owner of the 1919 Chicago White Sox, was a chiseler that refused to pay his players what they were worth.  This made them susceptible to corruption.  The players were approached by gamblers to throw the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds that year in exchange for money. 

Arnold Rothstein, a Jewish mob boss, probably played a big part in this scandal, but nothing was ever proven.  Seems that the previous records of the grand jury confessions by the players had been lost during the trial.  

In the movie, “Eight Men Out,” the gamblers knew that the fix was in after the pitcher hit the first batter. 

As more information unfolds, we’re finding that Trump had missiles dropped on an almost empty airbase that did so little damage that they are still flying out of there and that many of the missiles failed to hit their intended target.  This sort of thing reminds me of the Israelis bombing their own (stolen) territory resulting in little real damage so they can justify launching their newest weapons systems on the Palestinians.  Arms buyers then get a product that has been battlefield tested. 

But why did Trump have this done?  Was it a beta-test to see how his supporters would react?

I’m beginning to wonder if this strike was a precursor for another false-flag “retaliation” a little further down the line.  If there was no real damage, are their factions within Syria and Russia that are also a part of this?  And why was the Chinese president visiting Trump at the time the missiles were being fired?

Although acquitted at trial due to insufficient evidence, eight of the White Sox players (now forever known as the Black Sox) were banned from professional baseball for life.  This included Shoeless Joe Jackson who batted .375 during the Series.

Currently, I don’t know how many other players are involved in this latest scam.  All I know for sure is that Trump just hit the first batter.    



  1. Well what can be said except you have hit this one out of the park for a home run with the bases loaded; and at the rate Trump is loosing people very soon he will have his own version of 'eight men out."

    Looks like this game may go to extra innings before our fates are decided, and already Trump fans are heading for the parking lot...a carpet of bright baseball caps beneath their feet.

    1. So true Chautauqua. Once the fans know that both teams are in it together to take everything they have, we have a chance to fix it in the right way.

  2. How many players Free? All of them, it's the most exclusive mens club in the world . All on the same team , we are just the collateral damage in a very dangerous "game " Bit worrying really . ( British understatement) :))

    1. ...and it is NOT 'exclusively MALE'...what do you think all this Transgender crapola is about...'Donald/Donna' was born a Female. However, his wives and 'Daughters' were's about CONTROL...get it? Annabelle

    2. Of course it isn't Annabelle . The TG agenda ( along with many other agendas ) is just that another agenda to distract and destabilise societal norms . Once established ( destabilisation) control of the general population is easier . Same with multiculturalism, turn humanity into a homogenised "mush' remove their history and culture and insert what ever "culture" deemed necessary for total control
      What I see happening now is just the continuation of the PNAC protocols . this was published in 2012 .
      We have to remember that Syria is the only secular Arab
      country left , it is also pro Palestine .
      A (female ) commenter from Syria was at great pains to mention this on a BBC interview , the interview was not run again .
      It really is about control on every level .

      The so called 'Sarin ' attacks Free :
      Sarin is an acetylcholine disrupter,in simple terms it disrupts the ability of the body to transmit electrical signals around the body . It's deadly , death can occur within a minute . The photographs of the so called "rescuers " are bizarre and impossible . Sarin remains on clothing for up to half an hour after the initial dispersal , the first rule of rescue is not to place oneself in danger , the lack of gloves , effective respirators is laughable .
      Hazmat suits to be worn , always , without fail .
      For a genuine response to a Sarin attack , look at the Japanese Sarin response photographs .
      Interestingly the general concensus in the MSN comments sections is that this was a psyop . The comments are always a good gague of 'where we are ' , far more significant than the articles themselves .
      The Times has run an article questioning the validity of this action as has Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail.
      A movement towards truth perhaps ?

    3. Thanks Kitty. It also looks like the "white helmets" were involved. This is a terrorist organization funded by our gov't under the guise of providing humanitarian aide in war zones. They have a nasty habit of killing their victims first and then turning on the cameras while making it look like they're helping them.

      In the link below, it looks like they may have killed these children while the cameras were on. This is the kind of shit we're up against.

    4. Yes, the White Helmets or officially the SDC is yet another one of those supposedly neutral NGO's . Millions of dollars are being pumped( by USAID, the UK and other European member states amongst others ) into this organisation which according to eye witnesses is a front for a support group working alongside numerous terrorist groups including Al - Nusra .
      I saw the video , it looks very disturbing , from just a medical point of view I have never seen anything like it in my working life . Watching many of the videos and looking at the photographs circulating around the internet there is a great deal to be deeply concerned about .
      Looks like we are well and truly up shit Creek without a paddle Free .

  3. It sure looks that way Kitty.

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  5. ...what's that old line??? 'Give 'em enough rope'...trouble is it's the 'audience' that are paying for it ...literally...whilst Drumpf takes 'weekend' golf at further taxpayer expense in his OWN RESORT...which s someone else wrote elsewhere today is 'the US public paying him to eat at his own restaurant'...9 iron....anyone?? Anonymous

  6. BTW...silly moi...I forgot to mention that those 'weekend Golf gigs' cost you all a mere...3.5 MILLION...every week.

    Yep, the bar steward has certainly made 'America Great Again'...provided you are one of these parasites, that is...Anonymous

  7. Glad you found your way back from my last disappearing blog Annabelle. We left the light on for you.