Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Never Smile at a Crocodile

“Never smile at a Crocodile

 Never tip your hat and stop to talk awhile

 Don’t be taken in by his big wide grin

 He’s imagining how well you’d fit within his skin.”

I’ve been called for jury duty this month.  At their orientation, they were sure to thank us for doing our civic duty.  But they didn’t bother telling us that we could be arrested and/or fined if we didn’t show up without giving them a good reason first.  They were smiling as they spoke.

The man taking a beating from the thugs of United Airlines shows very clearly what happens when we fail to comply.  This provides yet another example of what any of us could get if we don’t obey on command.  That’s one of the reasons why they made an example of this man.

When you allow those in high places to get away with something that the rest of us would be imprisoned for, you end up with a justice system and its police “force” that has gone rogue.   As we continue to aggress upon other countries for schizophrenic reasons (killing more on behalf of those killed), it follows that the level of aggression against the people here at home would also increase.  Evidence of this is now commonplace due to the enforcers ramping up their level of brutality as well as the technology that captures it and sends across the world.

In the past, I’ve worked with the developmentally disabled in my community.  Unfortunately, these organizations that employed me still wish to be part of a militaristic vertical hierarchy that is harmful to my soul so I can’t work within these confines for very long before I find myself turning back into a pod person.  The more I compromise myself, the more I must lose myself in materialism as a distraction from my servitude.  But that’s for another story.

Anyway, I know many people with disabilities running around loose in the world.  They are the only group of people that I have any respect for.  As for the reasons, let’s just say that it’s a valuable lesson to see what it looks like when someone will not tolerate belittlement in favor of conventionality. 

But, as with all groups, you have the bad apples also.  I was speaking with someone I had previously worked with in this field.  We talked about our clients with disabilities and what they were doing now. 

I asked the lady about one person in particular.  He certainly was not always a likeable fellow, but I had wondered about him as he didn’t seem to be learning his lessons regarding cause and effect very well.  For background, the guy was the typical bully and required repeated correction due to picking on his co-workers.    

Now he’s a security guard who carries a gun on the job.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Low intelligence coupled with a thirst for power appears to be the only prerequisites for joining the “force” these days.

So be cautious in your encounters when entering the waters of “civilized society” these days, my friends.  One never knows what lurks just beneath the surface of their uniform smiles.




  1. Hope the jury duty goes quick for you, Freefall.
    Trick questions. 'Smile', people say. But they confuse. They talk and act a role (at home, in business) but it is apparent that their feelings are contrary to the role they play and the words they speak. That confusion dogs me, continuing on through life, like shrapnel in a tornado, where so much is deeply wrong but I have to try to get along somehow, be kind in the face of it and survive.
    Living in Boston, I was once called to jury duty. I wanted to get out of it, of course, to get back to that spinning in the gerbil wheel. I had to fill out a short form, and the question: "Do you have faith in the judicial system?" I answered all the questions honestly, and for this one the answer was "No, I do Not believe in the judicial system."
    They corralled us into the courtroom, the accused and his lawyer to choose from the pool. The case involved this man accused of coke running. Bang! Already prejudice, hate that stuff and the damage it does to people. The confusion swirles. Trapped like cattle they wanted to capture for their rodeo.
    Hopefully no innocent lives were to be wrecked. I was let go promptly, a lucky escape, relieved and incredulous, 'our civic duty' so not a choice. Gratefully never been asked to do jury duty since. Recently last weekend thought of that experience again, and cringed. The crocodile smiles, grinning a sharp-toothed grin.
    Spicer blurts out his blatant ignorant inexcusable incompetence again, (begging to be sacked,) this time oblivious about Hitler's use of chemical weapons. A man gets beaten viciously by a bad cop, for simply jaywalking. The man you mention, (a doctor) a United Airlines passenger gets bloodied, ripped out of his paid seat, reportedly believing he was singled out for being Chinese, he just wanted to get to his patients in Kentucky. Folks living in their vehicles in big box store parking lots, a few nights here and a few there. Lucky ones in RVs, others in vans, just trying to survive. The tornado swirls on.
    Write on, Freefall.

  2. Pandora,
    Yeah, I filled out some forms also. When asked about cops I said that I didn't trust order-followers. My number was excluded from the next potential jury.

    Still, I was part of a jury years ago that I think did the right thing. You're not going to get that from the prosecutor or defense attorney. They don't care about justice. They care about winning.

    Your last lines made me think of this one:

  3. *Please disregard Left-Right propaganda of video.

    1. Excellent song/video.
      and I agree, the justice system is unfortunately mostly about (winning and making money)