Thursday, April 6, 2017

Have a Heart

The last vestiges of the Trump subterfuge program fell away with the bombs dropped on Syria.  Not much of an investigation before this response, eh?

I gave it six months before Trump would show his true colors.  He has now officially become yet another in a long line of bought-and-paid-for Zionist sell-out chicken hawk scum-bags who have destroyed America like a cancer. 

This foolish act ratchets up the danger to a whole new level.  Now that the rest of the world knows that it’s going to get even worse from Trump than Obama, it won’t take much of a spark to set this off. 

But never mind Trump.  What about those who would still support him at this point.  There’s something that has happened to America since 9/11.  Something worse than anything else and continues to be the cause of why things keep going so badly.  America has lost its heart.

Generally, I’m not a very social person.  And I don’t particularly like people very much, especially in groups.  But if you don’t feel sick at heart to know that innocent people are once again being slaughtered over a pack of lies, you must have something very wrong with you.  These people were never a threat to us. 

In order to no longer feel anything at all about any of this, you must be worshipping a brutal Jewish god, forced to make a living using phony Jewish money, fighting and supporting wars orchestrated by Jewish-controlled agencies, believed the cause of these wars fed to you by the Jewish-controlled media, and think that after you’ve served this evil calling itself good that Jesus is going to take you away from the destruction that you blindly contributed to through a second-hand belief system written by monsters who want you dead because the butcher they worship likes it that way.

When belief means more than observing behavior and judging for yourself whether it’s right or wrong, there’s really no telling how far away from reality your mind can be taken.  After all, FEMA camp guards need to believe in what they’re doing also. 

Each bomb dropped and bullet fired elsewhere increases the Police State build-up here at home.  Severe repercussions are coming soon. 

May those of us who still have a heart find a way to preserve it despite what we may be called to do when standing against this tyranny and those who would carry it out.         






  1. Hey free, don't sugar coat it...
    How do you REALLY feel about this??

    Honestly, some of the freshest and most honest stuff I've read in a while. Seems you are in solid connection with your muse! Nice work brother!

  2. Thanks C. I can't help but feel like we've entered a lower level of hell. We'll see if the Trump supporters wake up or follow their "leader" into the pit.

  3. No idea what it is about your writing Free , but what ever "it" is you've got it ..... !

  4. The ignorant Orange Madman p*sses on the beloved constitution, once again. We would be much better off with an orangutan in office. They are working on setting us up, for sure. Whatever is left of his supporters ... probably zombies. Can't help them wake up, they are already dead?

  5. Spiritually dead Adaline : "Let the dead bury their dead" Matt 8:22 comes to mind . Just walk on , only way to go sadly .

  6. Before everyone runs for the floral tributes...and the anti-depressants. STOP & THINK...(in that order please)...then RESEARCH...not R-E-A-C-T!! NOTHING...IS AS IT SEEMS OR IS R-E-P-O-R-T-E-D!! Got that? Groovy.

    The 'airfield' in question was DESERTED...'Don's new Best Buddy, Vladmir said..'listen, Comrade...just don't bugger up the runways...I'll need 'em later' 'Don/Donna' didn't bugger 'em up...and whispered 'Roger That Vlad Baby' as he passed the noodles to Xi the Chinese leader...who just 'happened' to nip over for 'lunch'...WTF?

    Planes are flying out of there now. I discovered this moments ago doing some research into this. Shades of the 'Sarin' attack, which never occurred...frankly this ongoing FF crapola is getting very yesterday...isn't it?

    Why?? BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER TO do what? Cause become so mind fucked that you...give up. So that you won't question anything that 'they' tell'll be 'shell shocked' and many already are.

    It is designed to prevent your critical thinking skills from functioning...instead of allowing your emotions to get 'jerked around'...STOP...THINK...and STEP BACK and see the propaganda. There's enough to choke several horses.

    Trump is an arsehole alright and that may be the only honest and relatively 'true' thing about the lot of 'em. All...'birds of a feather' IMHO A

  7. Thanks for the comments, Annabelle. This article was written out of passion. "The Fix is In" was written after I settled down, did more research and looked at it more objectively.

    But I make no apologies to the fucking Trump supporters. You have to be something more than just brain-dead at this stage.