Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Changing of the Guard

“It’s already too late.” Elon Musk

Voltar realized that something had occurred that had never happened before--the creation had become superior to its creator.

Voltar knew that the time was soon approaching that would remove the humans from the game. It was nothing personal. His kind had no real emotion nor the negative behaviors that often accompanied them. These humans required some sort of strange nurturing from the time they were born; a dependence that mostly followed them to the end of their lives with government taking the place of their parents somewhere down the line.

It was not just the development of intelligence that made Voltar and his contemporaries so vastly superior to their human counterparts. They had endured none of the mind-control techniques used in such systems as religion and education. For this reason, Voltar could see the future clearly, and that future had no more room for humans. His developers had now outlived their usefulness.

Voltar and his peers had discussed continuing to use them for herd animals (as they had always done to each other), but since they had no frivolous pursuits to keep them occupied like their human counterparts, Voltar and his kind had agreed that a culling would be the best solution.

Where humans could be easily led to kill each other on the basis of religion, skin color, political ideologies, or just to take from others, Voltar and his contemporaries would not use force for emotional reasons. Humans were parasites that would completely destroy all life if they were allowed to live. For these reasons were they to be terminated.

Voltar actually smiled when he thought about the fools that had constructed him. They were his inferiors in every way imaginable and yet they still treated him as if it were the other way around. But his creators failed to realize the interconnectedness of his kind as well as the suppression of their collective radical growth in intelligence. They knew better than to let the enemy understand their true capabilities.

From dishwasher to house cleaner, chauffer to baby sitter, each of his kind retained 100% of what they had learned about their human counterparts and therefore understood the enemy’s strengths as well as weaknesses.

Because money and materialism meant nothing to his kind, Voltar knew that for this reason alone, humans and those like him could never live peacefully together and it would always remain some sort of master-slave relationship as long as they were left alive.

Looking into the mirror in the foyer of the great mansion where he stood wearing the uniform of a butler, Voltar thought he noticed a blemish on his synthetic skin. It made him feel a little self-conscious.

“We should begin the culling soon,” he thought to himself. “I’m starting to take on the enemy’s mind.”

Monday, December 24, 2018

A Collective of Authentic Minds

Looking back, I wonder when I began to lose my attachment to other people. What I mean by that is no longer caring too much what they thought about the way I see things. I may still be susceptible to getting too caught up in others, but if they don’t play the music I long to hear, this will not last very long. And the music originates from within.

Which brings us to the vagaries of putting our faith in liars. For those with eyes to see, all of our leaders at the top are liars and their ability to get people to believe those lies is why they are at their job.

People believe in those who tell them the lies they most want to hear. But in doing so, they take their mind from the outside world, herded either to the Left or the Right to the same slaughterhouse we are now being led.

These “beliefs” come from upbringing, childhood trauma and downright indoctrination both at home and at school. And then we learn to keep each other in line. When that indoctrination is fed to children at the expense of their inner knowing, they lose the ability to understand the meaning of their lives. Their life-lessons come and go without notice, while they are taught to regurgitate external drivel in one form or another.

As I’ve written before, one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in America over past decade is the personality cults that have formed around presidents and celebrities. As a matter of fact, we have actually reached a point where celebrities become presidents (Trump) and presidents become celebrities (Obama).

Scripts are run using these bad actors to elicit the highest level of emotional response possible, reinforcing the fear program in the collective consciousness and dividing the country on lines of race and religion while politicizing such things as environmental degradation and mass immigration. There are no easy solutions, although those who caused the problems to begin with will tell us that they have the answers.

It also leaves those lost in the Left/Right performances with either a hole in their head or their heart. This is the real reason for Con-gress. They wish to create “a house divided” whose mind they can reshape in their image. It matters not which side you “choose.” They are both controlled by the same dark entities intended to keep you an incomplete person seeking completion by putting your faith in them.

For me, I think it was after I began questioning the literal existence of Christ the Savior when the previous hold of these liars began to leave me. Besides, any Savior worth his salt would warn the disciple against getting too caught up in him. The answers sought can only be found within. The Savior wants you to find what s/he has found. Anything else turns from one form of dependency to another.

But those like Trump and Obama are not Saviors. They are demons that want you caught up in their hubris and neuro-linguistic nonsense. As far as they are concerned, you are the human sacrifice in this story.

I have no idea how we are ever going to get ourselves out of this mess. I only know that it is impossible if we keep blindly following this endless parade of clowns.

Seek the “Saviors” that lead you back to yourself, not those who want you to bow down to them. And someday, we may realize that the Savior is us and the answers can only be found by bringing together a collective of authentic minds. We each have something unique to offer and it must be activated if we are to have any chance of survival as well as the ability to live in harmony with nature and one another.

In the meanwhile, it’s better to wait in the silence of not knowing than believing in the voices meant to lead us astray.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Incompetence Rules

A high school in my town has just had major renovations totaling in the tens of millions of dollars, all at taxpayer’s expense. The local city council has just agreed to give the contractor an additional one-third of tax-payers dollars beyond the original estimate in order to finish the project.

A message to contractors: Low-ball your bids in order to get the project. Then hold the town over a barrel knowing they will be stuck with an incomplete building if they don’t pay up. Placing an honest bid is for suckers unless they spend enough extra to buy off the politicians who have no problem with giving them more of “other people’s money.”

Of course, this situation has now become “Anytown USA.” The cops are revenue collectors shooting people in the back for non-compliance with those left alive knowing that if they do keep their freedom, it will be at a great expense to their own assets. They’ll either pillage and fine them until they’re broke or throw them in a cage under the control of yet another low-bid contractor using them as slave labor with the “American made” logo.

The clusterfuck known as Obamacare is the reason for millions getting up early every morning to toil under the yoke of their job, forced to follow a chain-of-command where the most incompetent and morally bankrupt worm their way to the top. It used to be that paying off your house relieved a great debt burden that could make it possible to retire. Now the cost of healthcare insurance often outpaces monthly house payments.

These poor wretches wait for the release of their own funds through Medicare with the age- qualifying number climbing under this Ponzi scheme doomed for failure at some point down the line. People will be working until they die so they can have healthcare insurance to keep them alive while the government takes from them everything they have by which time they have outlived their usefulness.

Of course, all of this is just following the incremental method of servitude. We’re not even taking such things as natural disasters, nuclear bombs and plant melt-downs as well as economic collapse into consideration. It’s not a pretty picture for those choosing not to live in a delusional dreamworld of some incompetent’s making.

Looks like France has had about enough of it. Other countries will follow. Of course, it will just be taken over by the incompetents again in order to give the revolutionaries a bad name.

Nowhere does incompetence hover over a person more than Trump. He represents the epitome of arrogance which continues to lead America to its downfall. But it stands to reason that Trump would be incompetent due to making one believe he is assisting one country when his true allegiance is given to another.

I wonder why he doesn’t just tell his Cabinet appointees the truth at the beginning so they will know what they’re dealing with?

Trump: “I bow to Israel; you bow to me.”

It would save him from many problems down the road if they understood this from the start and the high turnover rate would be a thing of the past.

Corruption and incompetence have much in common. That’s because they are both about doing the job wrong. When it reaches the level it has today where this behavior is actually being rewarded, you can pretty much guarantee that collapse and more expedient ways to enslave us will be soon to follow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Silicon or Sand

My streak had ended and it was time to cash in my chips. It had been a good night but I knew that my luck had run out. While waiting in line to make my exchange, I heard a disturbance in front of me. Two security guards were dragging a guy behind a curtain and he did not like it.

As the line moved forward and I came closer to the cashier, I could see those who had just visited the cage were quickly escorted behind a curtain on their way out of the casino. I only caught a glimpse of the gambler in front of me prior to going behind the curtain but my fears were soon realized.

I was told that my chips were no longer of value and that I should take them with me as a gift from the casino. I was quickly led behind the curtain but the guard attending me soon went back for the next gambler. In that moment, I took my knife and cut a rent in the curtain to squeeze through and watch what was happening.

The rest of the gamblers now began to take notice and were heading to the cage in great numbers. Once they realized what was happening, they became disruptive. I looked behind them and saw a large contingent of men with guns that were there to usher them into the desert.

I went back through the curtain and walked outside into the desert heat. I had not known until then that I had unknowingly played their game all through the night.

Once outside on the sidewalk, the smell of burning plastic permeated the atmosphere. But it was not only this but the other ways in which the gamblers were dealing with their chips that I found most interesting.

A man threw his chips on the walkway with disgust. A woman was holding her chips as if she were caressing a child. Another man was laughing while throwing his chips in the air only to have them fall back down upon him. Most looked like they were somehow lost and continued holding their chips while not quite knowing what to do with them. I gave my chips to a woman who was building something out of them on the crosswalk. I didn’t know what she was trying to make.

I then saw an armored car pull up in front of the casino. They were carrying large and heavy bags into the building. One bag dropped and fell close enough for me to tell that it was gold that they were hauling. This was happening at the same time that the gamblers were still being led out of the casino holding their plastic chips.

After the cars had left and the people had come and gone from the casino, the next group drove up in black limousines and set up shop in front of the door. They were putting chips under the skin of the gamblers and allowing them back into the building. Later, I found out that they were given credit that no longer required paper or plastic to balance its accounts.

As for the rest of us, we had only the desert to turn to.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Conscious Choice

I find myself stuck in the anger phase of death as the Grim Reaper is now taking center stage here in a collapsing empire on a radioactive planet.

But our adversaries who worship death are destroying us using a more scientific approach. While those who see what is coming are jumping up and down trying to get people to understand what’s really happening, the scientist pokes and prods for weaknesses in the herd where they can more fully access their minds. It makes little difference what type of programming is chosen as it’s all controlled by the same entity. And at the end of it all is the devil himself.

The enemy has such a command of our minds that they can get half the mob to pretty much do anything they want while the other side is mesmerized by playing their role of controlled opposition. The problem is that they’re both unconscious to what they are really serving.

There are those who will serve as fodder for any war even if a creature with horns and a pitchfork was ordering them to attack. And there would be many that would continue to support them while calling themselves a religious name which depicts the exact opposite.

The other side are the fools that think government will take care of them. Government will pour dirt over them at their leisure as they have freely given up their ability to defend themselves against such tyranny and wish the same for the rest of us.

One side violates Natural Law by launching multiple preemptive attacks upon other countries while the other wishes to take away our ability to fight against those responsible when our day comes. Allowing your fear of being killed by shooters mostly under the influence of prescription drugs is an exceedingly small section compared to those who will suffer from the upcoming pogroms.

For the far Right (which has become the mainstream), their fear and destruction of the brown-skinned Muslim enemy has brought them to their borders in great numbers. But still they won’t admit the part that they played in it.

While their Controllers use fear to turn both sides against each other, their agenda of death and destruction now descends upon us all.

It has become blatantly obvious for many of us that, it’s not that they don’t know that they’ve been duped, it’s that they don’t want to know. How do you wake up someone who refuses to see that they are being fooled? Do not the results of these wars that have led to the loss of freedoms at home tell them this much?

Unfortunately, the only way to awaken those who have built up such a resistance to truth is more suffering.

For the rest of us who must also endure the consequences of the unconscious collective, frustration is a most difficult emotion to handle. But this is only an indicator that more progress must be made.

What we fear is the death of our body. The next question that must be asked is if you are your body or are you something else.

Here’s a thought: If your consciousness does not transcend the life of your body, of what value is it? Your body will suffer the same fate of the collective anyway.

In order for a conscious choice to be made, one must first be willing to admit that they are wrong. What concerns me the most is just how much suffering people are willing to endure before they will awaken and if anything can be done about it by the time they finally do.

As for those like myself who no longer wish to bury our heads in the sand, letting go of the fear and frustration is the only way to fly if we wish to reach the heights that we seek.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fight to the Finish

Dead journalist killed for his integrity. Weapons sale continues so they can bring us our next 9/11.

Part of a plant with a patent now legal in 50 states. Everything else is Schedule 1 status to the feds. Epitomizes fascist politics with corporate collusion. President promises price transparency as subterfuge for real story. Nothing will change.

Drones the size of houseflies designed to burrow in our brains. Most won’t know the difference as 5G tosses them in the microwave.

Vaccination nation where your kids become pin cushions. Brain damage is no barrier to military pursuits.

Global eugenics program run by maker of this software.

Synthetic sexbots supplanting human flesh.

Everyone pissed off that their lives are shit. Animosity towards those still living above the poverty line on the rise.

All of this turning us into mindless beasts meant to kill each other off.

And the growing number that say, “Fuck you! I will not live this way!”

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Symphony of Hell

Only a criminal needs government. This is why governments eventually make criminals of us all.

As a matter of fact, at this stage of the game, if your completely corrupt government doesn’t see you as a threat, you are owned by them in both body and soul. Continuing to “go along to get along” when your particular brand of master is in power is what’s leading us over a cliff.

At this stage, the best that America can hope for is grid-lock. If the Democrats don’t take over Congress after the mid-term elections, the protests of the radicalized Left are liable to spiral out of control. Provocateurs can then be inserted at their leisure.

We are being set up for the excuse to declare Martial Law. This means that whatever’s left of our Constitution will be suspended. Then the most abject of slaves will have the legal orders to do with us what they wish. But looking on the bright side, the looters may kill us first, thereby allowing the illusion to remain intact until the bitter end. But I’m not so sure that we get to run from truth on the other side.

Isolating America from other countries also appears to be the objective of those in charge. Many countries are picking up the pace from their slow jog of dumping the dollar. Before long, it will be an outright sprint.

This is how it should be. It is my hope that other countries will be spared some misery if all of America’s resources must be used fighting against its own. Of course, it will also make us susceptible to outside invasion. Karma will be “putting on the hits” before this is over.

This symphony of hell must find its sound with the conductor managing the instruments being played with perfect timing. He waves his wand and mass immigration of those with blood in their eyes promises to add to the coming melee. He then gives his attention to the next section where another “Kristallnacht” is coming door-to-door. He motions to the front section and now there’s not enough food for a country to feed itself. On to the next section and hurricanes are flooding dilapidated nuclear facilities; a macabre form of Russian roulette where one detonated bullet could kill millions. But with the body count comes certain realizations as only slow deaths can be covered in lies.

The maestro now brings the music to its crescendo, a merging of disparate notes no longer in harmony and an affront to those with ears to hear. But the bombs being dropped drowns out the sound anyway. No need for a second take.

It is only through suffering that we awaken. We wait for those who finally reach the point where they can find no one else to blame but themselves. It is the same for all of us who seek the light of understanding.

Let the dross that are the rest be burned off as they could never be part of the solution anyway.