Saturday, August 17, 2019

From the Beginning

I recently went to the movies where I watched, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Once again, Quentin Tarantino made me laugh at brutal violence.

It was shot back in the Sixties where Charlie Manson and his tribe made their mark. He used depictions of the actors and celebrities of the day to tell his story with certain twists along the way that kept the audience guessing. Of course, one could not help but dread the supposed ending.

One of characters was Roman Polanski. We all know why he can’t come back.

Most of Manson’s beauties in the show were very young. I can only assume that many of them were around 15. One of them no older than that tried to seduce one of the older characters and she was certainly trying to seduce the audience with her various provocative poses and camera angles.

The timing of this release is interesting due to what’s currently capturing the national attention.

From the beginning, I’ve had a problem with how much exposure this Epstein storyline has been getting. Is it really out of their control or are they the ones creating it?

Are they using this narrative as a way of incrementally influencing the collective to lower the age of consent?

I know that this may sound absurd and I hope that I’m wrong about it. Because if this is being done on purpose, that would make it much worse.

With that being said, I think that Quentin Tarantino may be the Antichrist.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Dynasty

If the battle between good and evil was played out like a sporting event, the game would never be worth watching. The final score would always be too lop-sided to be worth our time.

Jeffrey Epstein has been “suicided.”

Epstein was on “suicide watch” in jail and we’re still being told that he killed himself. So now we’re supposed to believe that a man with known motive who is not supposed to have either the means or opportunity to harm himself was able to do so anyway?

Flight logs of the “Lolita Express” reveal that Bill Clinton flew to Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” at least 27 times. Epstein’s cell-phone had Donald Trump’s phone number in it as well as many others from his family.

This was a honey-pot extortion racket with many high-ranking leaders of the “free world” alleged to have been involved in it. And Epstein is not a Muslim name.

America has turned into some sort of hybrid system in which every form of totalitarianism is being utilized, from fascism to Marxism depending upon the proclivity of the radicalized. When these two forces come together, you’re going to get violent results. Enter the active shooter.

Also, as with ancient Rome, we are now being overrun by the “Mongols and the Huns” at our borders. Our sporting events and television talent shows have become our gladiator distractions while we are being bankrupted (both morally and financially) by these constant wars.

And our leaders are either pedophiles themselves or have no problem with being good friends with those who are.

If I have to take a beating for not saluting the flag, at least now you know my reasons. What I want to know are the reasons why you still do?

Friday, August 9, 2019

Know Your Role

Just a comment on the veteran who beat up a kid for not saluting the flag.

In the eyes of the government, it is not the violation of natural law by initiating aggression on someone who was not a threat to him that made this wrong. It is seen as wrong because the veteran was no longer wearing a uniform.

Know your role, peasants!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Heroes and Villains

I’ve been watching a series called, “The Boys.” It’s a story about super heroes that are mostly super villains in disguise. It starts out with super heroes getting rid of anybody knowing their secrets as they wish to appear as celebrity role models in order to receive adulation from the crowds. Their image is also important to the corporation that employs them.

The boys know what is happening behind the scenes and have lost loved ones due to “collateral damage” committed by the super heroes. The boys want to take their revenge against them as each super hero has their own weakness.

Of course, it’s a dangerous game messing with super heroes.

The problem is that the mask is coming off and the super heroes are being exposed for what they really are to the public. At some point, they won’t be able to hide it anymore. This is when they will resort to enforced compliance.

The worst of the super villains is called “Homelander.” He is the worst of them because he is also the most powerful. And if you don’t like it, he will cut you in half with his laser-beam eyes.

Sound familiar, America? It should. You have your super villain in the white house right now. He has the power to kill us all with the push of a button.

And his mask is coming off.

According to the official story, we don’t want any more super villains with nuclear capabilities elsewhere, so we fight and die to ensure that they don’t end up with the same power as our super villains here.

Americans are super idiots.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

One to Replace Them All

Putting party loyalty aside, there is one president that has irreparably altered the political landscape as well as our entire culture since he first came onto the scene. That president is William Jefferson Clinton.

With the recent passing of Ross Perot and remembering his prescient “giant sucking sound” quote that came to pass, it reminds me that Bill Clinton was also the greatest “idol breaker” of all. He may have won two elections, but he also lost two elections for others running for president due to their affiliation with him. Al Gore was the first casualty of Bill’s previous behavior as president.

As for Hillary, there is simply no way Trump could have gotten away with his hush money and lewd comments without Bill’s victims and bimbos being trotted out during a pivotal debate. Without Slick Willy to compare him to, I’m not sure that even Trump’s supporters would have remained loyal to him after that. He would've had nothing to hide behind.

It’s now known that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express close to thirty times throughout the years. And Trump is hiding behind him again.

If the American people let this murderous, child-molesting, psychopathic bastard get away with the level of corruption he is being exposed for now, I suggest we get a giant sandblaster after Mount Rushmore. We deserve a full body graven image of this giant lizard that can replace them all.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Unconscious Theocracy

Something has gone horribly wrong when belief betrays conscience and the best way to get to heaven is by destroying the earth.

Americans have no idea what awaits them if we invade Iran. Isn’t the Police State build-up here enough for you? No? Then support this next war to further our descent into hell.

Who would embrace such madness? The Zionist Christian.

Listen to Pence’s speech to the West Point graduates if you don’t believe me. Endless war is good. God is good. Welcome to the madness machine.

When they can’t get you to serve due to deception then they will get you to serve through force. The only difference between the soldier and the prisoner is that the soldier believes the lie. The prisoner knows otherwise.

The neo-cons are out in the open again and their piece-meal agenda utilized during the Obama administration pales in comparison to the ways of the Likud Party stooge that’s in there now.

Who in their right mind would put any country above their own even if it was a country that did good for the rest of the world? And we’re certainly not talking about those currently occupying Palestine as being good or anything close to it.

But none of this means anything to the brainwashed mind. They will always have to find out the hard way. And they will--along with the rest of us. The mother of all betrayals is just around the corner.

The only way to have freedom of religion is to also have freedom from it. It’s time to bring this unconscious theocracy that now runs this country out into the open where intelligent people can expose these control-grid fairy tales for what they are.

It’s either that or lay down for it just as the Zionist Christian has been trained to do.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Conscious Rebel

From birth, we are all forced into a culture first brought to us by our parents; for those fortunate enough to remain with them. Their influence from religion to politics is pretty much everything we get at the beginning.

But soon the State takes over and teaches the student either everything the parents believe or nothing that they believe. Under the current indoctrination system, the child raised by conservative parents is being set up to rebel against them while the child of liberal parents is being set up to conform to their belief-system. It matters little which choice is made by the child or even if their beliefs make a 180-degree turn later down the line. As long as these beliefs are taken to extremes where one side blames the other for all of their problems then the goal has been accomplished.

Those growing up in a, shall we say, more structured environment soon learn that non-conformity could result in various forms of punishment. And conservative parents can use script-ure to back up all sorts of punishments.

But I’m not sure that kids growing up in a liberal household have it any better. Putting a boy in a plastic bubble with their play dates and lack of lessons learned the hard way results in the creation of a “gelatinous ball of protoplasm.” But at least the girls now get to be equal.

What we all have in common is that we risk the wrath of the group from the beginning if we don’t see things the same way they do. And since we haven’t a clue what other way of life could exist in our captive environment, what else can we do but conform?

So we chase after the shiny objects of this world and look the other way as life lessons taught by the invisible hand are ignored while they slap another coat of paint on a rusting out soul.

But for some of us, chasing imaginary success in a corrupt system where the only way to succeed is by fucking someone else over is no longer what we wish to follow. As it has been from the beginning, this is a lonely path and most who choose to follow it will receive very little encouragement along the way.

The only way for a slave to believe that they are free is by never having the guts to say “No!”

That’s not freedom.

As our overlords continue to play the extremist mind like a fiddle, the tautness of the strings will cause them to snap. This is leading to a very grim future.

If you don’t choose for yourself the way you wish to live someone else will choose it for you. As for myself, I would rather take a beating by this system than conform to it.

When I was younger, I spent years rebelling and then years conforming. I was unconscious in both states of mind.

A conscious rebel is the most dangerous person on earth to the tyrant.