Monday, November 13, 2017

Bully Boys of Hell

Author’s note:

As is the case with synchronicity, I recently watched the movie, “Lady in the Water,” written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, that had a profound affect upon me. His story revealed that each of us has a purpose and, in times of difficulty, that purpose must be utilized in order for the overall objective to be accomplished. This is especially true in these tumultuous times when what’s left of our freedom from tyranny continues to diminish.

Unfortunately, for many of us, finding our purpose in life is not so easily discovered. Often, others can see it more clearly than we can ourselves.

For me, it has become a process of elimination. As Sherlock Holmes stated, “Eliminate all other factors and the one which remains must be the truth.”

The way I see it, my purpose is no different than the writer in the movie. I’m here to plant a seed in the minds of those who could very well have a greater impact upon the collective than I ever could.

In this life, we never know who we may reach as truth is like the wind and we don’t often remember the vessel it may blow through.

Here is to keeping the faith and continuing the effort of attaining genuine freedom in a world duped into worshipping apparitions that lead to their destruction.

While observing the volatile behavior of our current four-year dictator, I can’t help but wonder why people continue to fall for these clowns. Our leaders are now little more than puppets playing to a script which sometimes allows for their impromptu speeches, as long as they are used to create more chaos. That’s the closest thing to freedom that these lying bastards will ever see in their own wretched lives.

There’s really no way to get around it at this point. Supporting any of these fools can only be accomplished by manipulating the mind into “believing” something that is not.

In order to understand the reasons for supporting or even tolerating idiots like Trump, we must take a closer look at the Abrahamic religions that many of his supporters serve and the similarities between Trump’s behavior and the behavior of their god that they have been taught to believe without question.

First and foremost, both Trump and their god are bullies of the lowest order. They are just fine with using their tools to initiate aggression upon others. This is in direct violation of natural law thus revealing that this god is an imposter as well as evil by nature. In what universe do we live where our god can get away with being above his own laws?

As for Israel, could it ever get away with the continued brutalization and displacement of the Palestinians without Christians “believing” in their same sadistic god now running roughshod upon his own rules?

It is in the backdrop of this insanity that someone like Trump can flourish. He is a bully by nature and thinks of himself as a king. But a king that constantly needs his subjects to affirm his status is really not a king at all.

Another perversion of this god character is how women are seen as inferior to men. The brutality that Muslim refugee men are perpetrating upon women in European countries is done in conjunction with their belief in this brutal god. Sharia law is Old Testament law, pure and simple. But, for obvious reasons, those practicing Christianity are slow to admit it. This behavior by Muslims is an example of returning evil for evil, a cornerstone philosophy of this phony god character.

As one would assume after seeing through the ruse, the offspring of this god character would also be a twisted amalgamation of half-truths and outright lies. When the essence of this belief has to do with human sacrifice, that mentality is but one step away from throwing virgins into the volcano.

After being threatened with eternal damnation for not believing this fantastic fairy tale, it can only lead back to the same god character perpetrated so well by people like Trump. We must have faith in Trump also, that he’s going to create a better world for us. Never mind that each of these “Saviors” only bring more misery, death and dissension.

Also, the reason for the “born sinner” meme is to use guilt to get us to bow down to our “superiors.” Of course, Trump and the demonic god-character he portrays don’t suffer from these same pangs of guilt as psychopaths are above such trivialities.

Until we are willing to question our belief-systems, especially religion, we will continue to be led astray towards the hell that these “gods” have in store for us. If this is what you think you deserve then you are too far gone for help. As for the rest of us, these bully boys of hell can go crawl back down there on their own.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Flare-ups of Fear

Around twelve years ago, I took a prescription medication for the first time to treat a gout attack. It caused a bad reaction in me where my heartbeat increased and I was hyperventilating.

Although the EMT’s said that it was not life-threatening, the trauma of my reaction to the drug had my mind thinking otherwise.

It took me a long time to work through this problem as I became hypersensitive to changes in my body, including the effects of eating certain types of foods as well as resistance to anything that would increase my heart rate.

With the recent passing of my mother along with having a madman in the White House who appears to think that a nuclear war can be won, my anxiety has now returned. Although not as bad as my initial reaction, it will be a long process to make it back to my baseline. The worst effects for me have to do with difficulty getting back to sleep after awakening at night.

As I see it, the problem is rooted in something I have yet to transcend. It is my fear of death.

I must assume that most people living in America now have, at best, a low-level anxiety occurring as those running the show are constantly feeding our fear in order to justify their solutions which always lead to loss of liberties for their security.

I can only imagine that those who have experienced the recent floods and fires across this country are also dealing with flare-ups of their fear.

America has become a fear-based nation. We initiate aggression upon others, encroach upon their borders, and continuously drop bombs on their countries while allowing this same government to take away our freedom all because of our fear.

On a positive note, our fear is there to teach us something. For myself, it tells me that I still have much progress to be made as fear and peace of mind are incompatible. No matter how we may choose to deceive ourselves, fear brings us back to the reality that we are not as we should be.

As I see it, my fear is rooted in my lack of faith. Not the faith that comes with believing some story handed down by others. Not some faith meant to produce fear if you don’t believe it. But the faith that comes with knowing that there is something beyond this life that gives meaning to our existence and the way we choose to live.

The transcendence of fear can only come with the KNOWING that there is also a transcendence of death of the body. And we don’t get past this because we act like we should be.

This is an individual journey, first and foremost. The changes necessary to make the world a better place may be made from the group, but only a group of individuals who have come to certain conclusions on their own.

I think about those who have yet to acknowledge their fear as they lose themselves in the distractions of this world. I think about what they will do when the bottom finally drops out of this society. They will know what I felt during my initial reactions to fear. And many will not survive it.

Are you dealing with fear right now? My suggestion is to face it and seek ways to find that quiet place inside yourself in order to transcend it. Otherwise, it will come back with a vengeance when the world as we know it ceases to be and all illusions have been shattered.

As I see it, no objective in this life is more important than freedom from fear. It’s time for us to get our priorities right if we have any possibility of living a life of peace and harmony rather than continuing to endure the misery going on around us and within us at this time.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Charred Remains

Mutually assured destruction
Forgotten by minds unwilling to function

Religion turns from surreal to sublime
With events unknown in the annals of time

The rapture is the ultimate lie
To make you lay down before you die

You may as well know your prophets’ names
Both Scofield and Darby will tell you the same

Jesus is coming back for the charred remains

A collapsing empire of knaves and fools
Who are little more than Satan’s tools

If you put blind faith in the lines of a book
Here’s another good place to take a look:

“Woe to those who call evil good…”

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Muzzle flash on lower floors
Gunfire sounds in different places
Bringing up hundreds of pounds
While the eye in the sky can find no traces

Trapped within the concrete walls
Lives taken out of season
Millionaire middle-aged man a gambler’s success
Plays a dead man’s hand for no reason

Security state rakes in the chips
Controlling every aspect of our lives
“Roll the dice, you nation of slaves”
Handed to you by those with snake eyes

Take a knee, we’ll beat you down
Half-staff flag of red, white and blue
Only one phrase will soon be allowed
We who are about to die salute you.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Awaiting the Awakening

In every conscious breath
In any bold endeavor
The answers to the universe
Are given in good measure

But not if we won’t listen
Even as the noose pulls tight
We run towards the darkness
Disappearing in the night

If we could just awaken
What a world that this could be
In spite of all our damage
She’s still there for you and me

Do you think that your Creator
Wants Her dead along with you
What Savior has been traded
For that thing inside of you

Attacks upon the innocent
All across the desert sands
While at home we fight for symbols
And bidding wars for better land

God has a sense of humor
As the further down you go
You can come up with no reason
Why the bible tells you so

To allow someone to put us all
In this “kill or be killed” scenario
These institutions of compliance
Give us nowhere else to go

Please take some time to think about
These systems that we serve
We can only watch them crumble
While becoming more and more absurd

The whole thing is collapsing
And there’s not much we can do
But what awaits us on the other side
That’s up to me and you

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Machine Minds in the Age of Aquarius

Any discovery ever made from science and technology to the arts has its inception in the minds of those who have seen beyond what they have been taught. This is why the essence of teaching is supposed to be about encouraging students to think for themselves and transcending their need to blindly follow others including those teaching them.

Healthcare is supposed to be about restoring health by encouraging the mind and spirit to work with the body for prevention of disease.

Religion is supposed to be about finding “the kingdom within” and learning to move from that center.

Government is supposed to be about..? I’ve come to the conclusion that government is a fictitious belief-system in which one is granted license to rule over another. Since this is a reprehensible way of life for both the convicts as well as the guards, government should no longer even exist at all.

Turn these systems around and things would change rapidly. Yes, I must assume that there would be those who would not like this new way of life. But in this world, we would understand their hidden motives immediately. Let those who wish to rule over others be banished from the rest of humanity.

Whatever we have now is no longer sustainable. The technology currently being allowed into the public domain will soon make most blue-collar jobs obsolete and artificial intelligence will take over the white-collar jobs also. This means that we need to find another way to live that has nothing to do with transferring our energy for the bankers’ money.

The real objective by our overlords is to get rid of most of us before they implement the suppressed technology (including much longer life-spans) in order to create their own little utopia. Instead of humans, machines will be at their beck and call to do their dirty work for them.

But the end result will be the same. Humanity must either take back their own minds in order to create a better world or continue being machine-minds soon to be replaced by more efficient and effective machines.

As for our rulers, I never see a time where they will find peace as they will most assuredly kill each other off when they are the only ones remaining. That’s what predators do.

It’s time for us to grow up, stop resisting change and come into this Age of Aquarius as free-thinking human beings. Anything else is unacceptable and will continue being the cause of great misery for us all.

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Country Without Sin

It’s that time of year we get to hear
The narrative again
How we endured the punishment
As a country without sin

We acted like we knew the score
Just a few hours in
By a media that lies to us
From beginning to the end

To reinforce this madness
We celebrate a more righteous cause
If World War II did not exist
There’d be no good war at all

So, they flash it across the silver screen
To keep us in their thrall
And for those with no reason, good thing it’s the season
To throw them a football

Building 7 is the centerpiece
Of lies that cannot stand
But most would rather look away
Than see blood on their hands

Once you face the truth of this
You start to see their plan
Your life now stands before you
Just like castles made of sand

Everything you once believed
Turned out to be a lie
You wonder if the sky is blue
Or clouds are passing by

But once you spend the time to contemplate
You take it in with a sigh
Now you have a thankless job
And yet you wonder why…

There’s this thing about religion
Where you make more wrong decisions
By casting your derision
Upon someone else’s vision

If I were to tell you that I am closer to god than you
Because I wrote it down
And burned the other books that I stole the ideas from
You would rightfully call me insane

Yet that’s what many still do
Because their religion tells them to
So is it any wonder that the Talmudic Jew turns the screws
On other Jews as well as you

So here we are to celebrate
The lies once again
That Muslims are our enemies
While Israel is our friend

Now all we can do is wait for these fools
To roll the dice again
But what more can we expect
From a country without sin