Tuesday, January 9, 2018

You Might Be a Slave

You might be a slave if:

You believe that bullies who like to provoke weaker bullies are doing anything good for your life or your future.

You believe that constant wars of aggression have ever resulted in peace and tranquility at home.

You believe that slowly being stripped of all of your assets by corporate criminals is bad while still supporting their henchmen.

You believe that the monetary Ponzi scheme and all that is propped up by it is not reaching its ultimate conclusion.

You believe that you have a chance of altering the overall agenda by voting for one power monger over another.

You believe that the radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean is no longer a threat to all life on the planet simply because the media no longer reports it.

You believe that you are free because your masters say so.

You believe that you are superior to others because some book or charlatan told you.

You believe that only two buildings fell on 9/11.

You believe that your government has the right to determine the boundaries of your protections from them.

You believe in gun confiscation of the citizens while allowing guns only for soldiers and police.

You believe that young children that are conditioned through education to be confused about their own sexuality leads to strong-minded, independent adults who can think for themselves.

You believe that an imbalanced masculine identity resulting in brutality can only be cured by an imbalanced feminine identity of placating the abuser.

You believe that any of your leaders give a rat’s ass about you or their country of origin.

You believe in celebrity and think that making them our leaders will create a better world.

The truth is that it really doesn’t matter what you believe. You are a slave either way.
But it’s only when you know for yourself that you are a slave that you would ever dare to resist your captors.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Prince

There was once a king who ruled his people well; as well as could be expected for a people who had a need to be ruled.

The king had a son that was his favorite. The prince was next-in-line to be the king.

When the prince reached his teen-age years, the behavior of his father began to change. The king was gone from his kingdom more often than usual and for longer periods of time. His reasons given for these prolonged absences were obviously untrue, and the prince began to wonder what was happening to the king as his behavior had become more erratic as time passed.

The king gradually lost touch with his family as it reached a point where he was gone more than he was there in the kingdom. He no longer had time to spend with his son and they grew apart.

Unlike earlier days, the king’s decisions handed down upon his subjects were often unjust, favoring the party having the most money. Also, he had taken to counting his gold and the task often kept him occupied for much of the day.

But the worst actions of the king did not surface until after the fire. The granary had burned down on the outskirts of the village. With winter coming on, this did not bode well for the villagers.

The king immediately blamed the kingdom of the east, a land comprised of people who were said to hold strange beliefs and customs that were mostly unknown to the villagers. The king told the villagers tales of religious intolerance and punishment to anyone who went against the will of their ruler of the east. He told them that not only should they seek retribution against those who would have them starve but this would also free the people of the kingdom of the east from further oppression by their evil king.

The prince remembered the king saying all of this just after the fire. He also remembered the prolonged trip the king had taken just a few weeks before.

During that time, the prince had decided to follow the king on his journey. The prince remained out of sight from the king’s caravan as their tracks in the desert sand guided him along the way.

Interestingly, the first place that the king had gone to visit was the kingdom of the east! The prince noted that the king had disguised himself while in public and then had met with the ruler of the kingdom of the east. The prince did not know what they had discussed.

But the king was not finished with his trip. After he left the kingdom of the east, the next place his father went to visit was what was known to his people as the kingdom of darkness. When interacting with the people in this kingdom, the prince saw that the king certainly did not travel incognito and was recognized and treated as if he was their king.

“Wait a minute,” thought the prince watching the peasants groveling in the dirt before his father. “That’s exactly what he is to them. He is their king also!”

During those times in which he was gone from the kingdom of his own family, the king had been ruling over another. But even a king cannot serve two masters.

The prince’s people had always been told that those in the kingdom of darkness were insane. They saw everyone else in other kingdoms as their inferiors by birth while they sacrificed the innocent to their god of war. Because they were a small kingdom and could not often overcome their enemies by brute force, they were said to be skilled in the art of deception.

“And their king is our king” the prince thought to his horror.

But there was even more for the prince to learn on this day. The king then stood before this dark kingdom and actually told them the truth:

“Greetings my subjects,” said the king. “Our plans will soon be accomplished,” he said with a malevolent smile. “Soon, we will launch an attack upon one kingdom and blame it on another. This will turn both of our enemies upon each other. After we have enough of them kill each other off, we will betray the ruler of the kingdom of the east, as I promised him more gold and power for selling out his own people. He, of course, will be put to the sword also.”

The peasants laughed heartily.

“You are my chosen so I will tell you the truth,” said the king. Our overall plan is to expand our kingdom while destroying all others!”

The peasants cheered.

At the end of his speech, the peasants were allowed to share in a huge outdoor banquet. Few of them realized that the food had been taken from the fruits of their own labor and was now being fed back to them as if it were a gift.

The prince left the village still shaken trying to process what he had heard. Just about everything he had ever learned from the king had been a lie. Somewhere down the line, the king had sold out his own people in his thirst for wanting power over all people.

The prince now found himself faced with a dilemma. Should he try to expose the actions of the king to his people? How could he convince them that what he said was true when he could only tell them what he himself had seen and heard? Obviously, his life would be in great danger from the king if he chose to follow this path.

Or should he keep his mouth shut. After all, he was heir to the throne and all of this would be under his control once the king passed on.

During the time in which he had followed the king into foreign lands, the Prince had come to an understanding. He had seen how power over others corrupted the soul and no longer wanted any part of it.

Now remembering how recently his father had lied about those responsible for the fire, the Prince knew what he had to do. Sadly, he could already envision the difficulties of trying to convince people that the king was a traitorous liar and they didn’t have to live as slaves anymore. How do you convince those who think they are free?

But mostly, he knew that his most difficult task would be to keep them from transferring their obedience to the king onto the prince himself. He wanted the villagers to rule themselves. That meant that even if he survived this rebellion, he would have to leave society or be worshipped as a god by small minds who had no access to the kingdom within.

In a moment of clarity, the prince remembered the timeless stories of those who had come before him. Always, there had been those who had given up so much only to be turned upon by those they had attempted to set free.

It was his time now. Even with all the risks, the reward for humanity was too great not to try.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Nobility of Servitude

The American delusion of freedom continues despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Committing legalized murder from these wars on such a grand scale as well as the same people subsidizing the puppets on both sides is no road to liberty but to servitude, death and destruction. As usual, “opposing sides” of these wars are supported by the same people using taxpayer money and black ops profits taken from such things as the opium trade in Afghanistan. The American government is now the biggest drug dealer along with the biggest arms dealer in the world.

Are we free not to have to pay for these endless wars of aggression? Are we free not to have to pay for the Police State build-up all around us? Are we free not to have to pay for our own surveillance by using appliances and electronic devices? As far as venturing out into the public sector these days, we continue to be tracked by our own phones while cameras are watching us at all times. The cost of the equipment and continual upgrades in new technology in the stores is added to the price of the products we purchase produced by off-site slave laborers in 3rd World countries.

And look at the corporations we get to choose from. We basically have two computer companies that monopolize the industry, one run by a Eugenicist and the other requiring suicide nets built around their factories. Not such a Merry Christmas for those falling under the yoke of these corporations and those who profit from them.

America has become an open sewer of corruption that has seeped into the core of all our institutions. At this point, the only reason they exist is to remind us of the nobility of our servitude.

With each step up the corporate/government ladder, one must be willing to relinquish more of their freedom of choice as conscience has no place in the company. Only profits and power matter and should be accomplished at all costs. We are now forced to make the wrong decisions or find work elsewhere.

The lesson will continue until it is understood. No one is meant to rule another. And it’s well past time for us to realize that our leaders have become our rulers.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Big Picture

Life is a strange and wondrous occurrence. I’m still not sure if it’s even real or that we are in some kind of computer simulation.

We are cast into this world completely dependent upon those who are destined to let us down. Due to this, we all carry with us some sort of “Stockholm syndrome” experience that warps us. If our parents don’t put us through it, we’ll be given any number of “authority” figures out there to play tyrant.

Due to our dependency from the beginning, we don’t really know anything about life. Because our parents also suffer from this same strange form of arrested development, they feed our souls to the very institutions that did them in. Strangely, about the only thing that our parents ever give us of value is what they have discovered through the cracks of their own indoctrination.

For some of us and for reasons that I will never fully understand, we are meant to see through the fa├žade and start finding our own way out of this maze that leads so many astray. It’s sort of like those computer-generated pictures that hide 3-D images in plain sight. Most will never see the hidden image at all. But those who do want to see it again as it goes from both beautiful to horrific but it’s the closest thing to being real that we have ever seen.

After finding it, we soon discover that the image disappears when we look away from it, even for a moment. So, we retreat within ourselves to seek that which is without image or form, only understanding.

With this understanding comes an obligation to at least try to get others to take a closer look at the picture being painted for them. The truth hides in plain sight.

If we are to find our way out, these second-hand belief systems must be brought into question. They are not there to assist us in this life; they have been put in place to control us.

Nowhere is this more apparent than those minds who serve some institutionalized religion. Yet the most convincing lies also have their sprinkling of truth. Unfortunately, that truth has been twisted into suiting the purposes of our rulers.

The Jesus story is a case in point. If you wish to believe in the literal story even though it has been told no less than 16 other times throughout recorded history, that’s your business. But if the story is more about blind faith in an image than wanting to more fully understand the nature of the character described, I want no part of it.

I don’t believe in any external Savior; at least not as an individual. We are all meant to seek out the attributes of the character in the story. We are drawn to them as we somehow know that the picture will become clearer as we choose to follow a certain inner path.

The Savior story has profound meaning when taken in the true spirit in which it has been offered. It only deteriorates after hearing the threats that come after it. It is a story of standing for your truth even when threatened with death. It means doing so alone if need be. It means that there is no excuse for initiation of aggression, as the Savior character would never do such a thing and still be able to call himself a Savior. It can also mean trading in your cloak for a sword to defend against those who do.

Whether this is all part of the game, I don’t know. But the time for sitting on the fence is drawing to a close. Each of us as individuals will soon be forced to decide for ourselves just exactly what we serve. From the soldier under orders to aggress upon his own people to the looters of a collapsed society that justifies the need for the soldier in the first place, our individual choices are coming soon and the culmination of those choices has everything to do with the fate of us all.

Take time to look more closely at the big picture. Find a moment of stillness so it can be revealed. Our beliefs create our world. They might as well be our own.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bully Boys of Hell

Author’s note:

As is the case with synchronicity, I recently watched the movie, “Lady in the Water,” written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, that had a profound affect upon me. His story revealed that each of us has a purpose and, in times of difficulty, that purpose must be utilized in order for the overall objective to be accomplished. This is especially true in these tumultuous times when what’s left of our freedom from tyranny continues to diminish.

Unfortunately, for many of us, finding our purpose in life is not so easily discovered. Often, others can see it more clearly than we can ourselves.

For me, it has become a process of elimination. As Sherlock Holmes stated, “Eliminate all other factors and the one which remains must be the truth.”

The way I see it, my purpose is no different than the writer in the movie. I’m here to plant a seed in the minds of those who could very well have a greater impact upon the collective than I ever could.

In this life, we never know who we may reach as truth is like the wind and we don’t often remember the vessel it may blow through.

Here is to keeping the faith and continuing the effort of attaining genuine freedom in a world duped into worshipping apparitions that lead to their destruction.

While observing the volatile behavior of our current four-year dictator, I can’t help but wonder why people continue to fall for these clowns. Our leaders are now little more than puppets playing to a script which sometimes allows for their impromptu speeches, as long as they are used to create more chaos. That’s the closest thing to freedom that these lying bastards will ever see in their own wretched lives.

There’s really no way to get around it at this point. Supporting any of these fools can only be accomplished by manipulating the mind into “believing” something that is not.

In order to understand the reasons for supporting or even tolerating idiots like Trump, we must take a closer look at the Abrahamic religions that many of his supporters serve and the similarities between Trump’s behavior and the behavior of their god that they have been taught to believe without question.

First and foremost, both Trump and their god are bullies of the lowest order. They are just fine with using their tools to initiate aggression upon others. This is in direct violation of natural law thus revealing that this god is an imposter as well as evil by nature. In what universe do we live where our god can get away with being above his own laws?

As for Israel, could it ever get away with the continued brutalization and displacement of the Palestinians without Christians “believing” in their same sadistic god now running roughshod upon his own rules?

It is in the backdrop of this insanity that someone like Trump can flourish. He is a bully by nature and thinks of himself as a king. But a king that constantly needs his subjects to affirm his status is really not a king at all.

Another perversion of this god character is how women are seen as inferior to men. The brutality that Muslim refugee men are perpetrating upon women in European countries is done in conjunction with their belief in this brutal god. Sharia law is Old Testament law, pure and simple. But, for obvious reasons, those practicing Christianity are slow to admit it. This behavior by Muslims is an example of returning evil for evil, a cornerstone philosophy of this phony god character.

As one would assume after seeing through the ruse, the offspring of this god character would also be a twisted amalgamation of half-truths and outright lies. When the essence of this belief has to do with human sacrifice, that mentality is but one step away from throwing virgins into the volcano.

After being threatened with eternal damnation for not believing this fantastic fairy tale, it can only lead back to the same god character perpetrated so well by people like Trump. We must have faith in Trump also, that he’s going to create a better world for us. Never mind that each of these “Saviors” only bring more misery, death and dissension.

Also, the reason for the “born sinner” meme is to use guilt to get us to bow down to our “superiors.” Of course, Trump and the demonic god-character he portrays don’t suffer from these same pangs of guilt as psychopaths are above such trivialities.

Until we are willing to question our belief-systems, especially religion, we will continue to be led astray towards the hell that these “gods” have in store for us. If this is what you think you deserve then you are too far gone for help. As for the rest of us, these bully boys of hell can go crawl back down there on their own.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Flare-ups of Fear

Around twelve years ago, I took a prescription medication for the first time to treat a gout attack. It caused a bad reaction in me where my heartbeat increased and I was hyperventilating.

Although the EMT’s said that it was not life-threatening, the trauma of my reaction to the drug had my mind thinking otherwise.

It took me a long time to work through this problem as I became hypersensitive to changes in my body, including the effects of eating certain types of foods as well as resistance to anything that would increase my heart rate.

With the recent passing of my mother along with having a madman in the White House who appears to think that a nuclear war can be won, my anxiety has now returned. Although not as bad as my initial reaction, it will be a long process to make it back to my baseline. The worst effects for me have to do with difficulty getting back to sleep after awakening at night.

As I see it, the problem is rooted in something I have yet to transcend. It is my fear of death.

I must assume that most people living in America now have, at best, a low-level anxiety occurring as those running the show are constantly feeding our fear in order to justify their solutions which always lead to loss of liberties for their security.

I can only imagine that those who have experienced the recent floods and fires across this country are also dealing with flare-ups of their fear.

America has become a fear-based nation. We initiate aggression upon others, encroach upon their borders, and continuously drop bombs on their countries while allowing this same government to take away our freedom all because of our fear.

On a positive note, our fear is there to teach us something. For myself, it tells me that I still have much progress to be made as fear and peace of mind are incompatible. No matter how we may choose to deceive ourselves, fear brings us back to the reality that we are not as we should be.

As I see it, my fear is rooted in my lack of faith. Not the faith that comes with believing some story handed down by others. Not some faith meant to produce fear if you don’t believe it. But the faith that comes with knowing that there is something beyond this life that gives meaning to our existence and the way we choose to live.

The transcendence of fear can only come with the KNOWING that there is also a transcendence of death of the body. And we don’t get past this because we act like we should be.

This is an individual journey, first and foremost. The changes necessary to make the world a better place may be made from the group, but only a group of individuals who have come to certain conclusions on their own.

I think about those who have yet to acknowledge their fear as they lose themselves in the distractions of this world. I think about what they will do when the bottom finally drops out of this society. They will know what I felt during my initial reactions to fear. And many will not survive it.

Are you dealing with fear right now? My suggestion is to face it and seek ways to find that quiet place inside yourself in order to transcend it. Otherwise, it will come back with a vengeance when the world as we know it ceases to be and all illusions have been shattered.

As I see it, no objective in this life is more important than freedom from fear. It’s time for us to get our priorities right if we have any possibility of living a life of peace and harmony rather than continuing to endure the misery going on around us and within us at this time.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Charred Remains

Mutually assured destruction
Forgotten by minds unwilling to function

Religion turns from surreal to sublime
With events unknown in the annals of time

The rapture is the ultimate lie
To make you lay down before you die

You may as well know your prophets’ names
Both Scofield and Darby will tell you the same

Jesus is coming back for the charred remains

A collapsing empire of knaves and fools
Who are little more than Satan’s tools

If you put blind faith in the lines of a book
Here’s another good place to take a look:

“Woe to those who call evil good…”