Sunday, March 11, 2018

Drone Killers

Drone killers
Looks like they’re all here to stay
Drone killers
Like that fly won’t buzz away

Drone killers
Now it’s time to dust the crops
Drone killers
They’re immune to all that slop

Drone killers
Mosques and hospitals will pay
Drone killers
For hiding terrorists away

Drone killers
Now they’re coming to your schools
Drone killers
Either organic or a tool

Drone killers
Whether wo/man or machine
Drone killers
Whatever happened to your dreams

Drone killers
You will now soon be replaced
Drone killers
That fine precision they won’t waste

Drone killers
A.I.’s coming after you
Drone killers
Human mistake will never do

Drone killers
Pure perfection all the way
Drone killers
“Can robot come out and play?”

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Black and White

“And the search you half remember
Setting out on from the start
Is burning like an ember in your heart.”

I was awakened by a familiar fragrance in the air. A tall and slender man was sitting in a chair at the foot of my bed smoking a joint. I should’ve been startled but was not as his face was somehow familiar.

He merely smiled at me and pulled the fedora further over his head. “Pardon my barging in on you like this,” he said. “But it was time.”

“I’ve seen you before,” I said.

He ignored my comment saying, “You’re letting your emotions get the better of you.”

I knew what he was talking about and for some reason did not feel uncomfortable discussing the matter with him.

“How can I not?” I said. “We’re living in a fucking nuthouse where the inmates run the asylum. This administration tells us that there is no proof of Assad using Sarin gas on his own people one minute and promptly drops bombs on Syria the next. We don’t even get motives from the media for the endless parade of spree killers anymore. They just tell us what they did and what rights must be taken away in order to protect us. This has become a full-scale cognitive-dissonance program for the masses while the few that can see through it are slowly being driven insane.”

“This is true,” said the man with a laugh. “But that’s only because you’re stuck at the level of your own unconscious making.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The enemy wants you to respond with anger towards them as what they are doing is designed to either burn you out or get you to behave in ways that justify their intervention.”

“That makes sense,” I said. But my biggest problem is not understanding why people can’t see through this ruse. They continue to support bad things while thinking they are doing good.”

“And it looks like it’s only going to get worse,” the man said. “This isn’t the first collapsing empire that I’ve seen.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Let’s get back to the subject,” he said. “Why do you think the masses are not waking up?”

“I really don’t know,” I said. “It’s so obvious that their leaders have become their rulers.”

“It’s because they don’t want to know the truth,” he said. “Think about your life before you woke up. You did everything you could to justify your beliefs and behavior.”

“I understand that,” I said. “But there is so much more that must be ignored these days in order to maintain their illusions! Their president is a lying, murdering, sexual predator and many of these so-called “Christians” still support him.

“Yes,” said the man. “When given a choice between psychopaths, misery will follow no matter which one is chosen. As it is with everyone, we begin to take on the nature of what we serve. And what many are turning into is the exact opposite of the Christ consciousness. Religions based upon fear turn gods into monsters. Again, this is by design.”

“It appears hopeless to me at this point,” I said. “America is going to collapse upon its own apathy and corruption, and I’m pissed off that I am forced to be part of all this!” I screamed. “Our heart-centers will die from the kill-or-be killed environment we are now being forced into.”

“It’s dying in you anyway due to your anger and frustration towards those who remain lost,” said the man.

“That’s right,” I said quietly.

“I’m not going to tell you that you’re wasting your time at this point trying to wake people up. You know as well as I that this is true for the most part. What I am going to tell you is that you cannot allow the madness that surrounds you to take you down with it.”

“And at this stage, you need to look at your options,” he continued. “You could always get the hell out of Dodge.”

“No,” I said.

“Is it because of the guilt?”

Again, I knew what he meant. So many of those waking up have trouble letting go of their past.

“Maybe,” I said. “But it’s more than that. I am part of this mess that has been made. I have to help clean it up. For me and for those who came before me; as well as those who come after.”

“Then let it all go,” the man said. “Only more suffering can awaken them; and maybe not even that. And suffering is what they are going to get.”

“For your part,” he continued, “It’s time for you to begin distancing yourself from it all. One way to do that is to stop trying to stay up with current events. Let the important things come through as they will without effort on your part. But lay aside the continuing soap operas such as the “Russian conspiracy” as these will invariably lead to nowhere. These scripts are put in place to keep you upset as well as provide cover for bigger events they are orchestrating such as the encroachment upon North Korea done under cover of the Olympics.

“Just take a step back from it all,” he continued. “Look for the deeper meaning behind what is happening within and around you. Much can be learned at this time when looking through clear eyes.”

“You won’t miss much anyway,” the man said with a grin. “All of their scams are variations of the same themes, from their staged events to their pre-planned responses always leading to more loss of freedom.

“Again, let the day-to-day misery go. Work on your own connection to the universe. That is your responsibility and well worth the effort.”

“Maybe so,” I said. “But I don’t think I’m going to survive what’s coming.”

“That would make you one of many,” said the man. “No matter what happens, be of good cheer,” he said. “They cannot take what matters most that you do not willingly give.”

“So far, so good,” I said.

“Yes!” he said with a laugh.

“I must go now,” said the man. “Thanks for the smoke.”

He had found my stash!

“Abraxas,” I called to him as he was walking away. He turned and smiled.

“You remember me now,” he said.

“Yes,” I answered. You came to me when I was a child.

“I will see you one more time before your departure,” he said. “Stay the course no matter what. See what happens.”

Watching him drift away, I remembered when I had first met him. I wasn’t afraid of him then either. He had tried to warn me that my time of innocence and sense of connection would soon come to an end. He cautioned me against getting too caught up in their systems of control. I hadn’t listened.

It was good to know that he would be there at the end. Or would that be the beginning?

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Defining Moment

I was watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics yesterday. When North and South Korea came out united, the American vice-president and his wife refused to stand. One needs only to understand the meaning of this one act to know the nature of the monsters we now serve. Pence is the same bootlicker that previously played his role by immediately leaving an NFL game after some players took a knee on the national anthem. What a fucking tool!

I notice the difference between my own kind and the rest of the herd. We serve this system as little as possible as there is no amount of money that can replace our souls. Unfortunately, the masses would rather follow some sick chain-of-command than working together for a common cause.

Why is it not possible to just shut up and defer to intelligence rather than coercing each other to conform? Is some endless line of one peasant ruling over another worth the loss of true freedom for all due to serving the same masters at the top of the pyramid?

The only reason I would ever let this government steal from me through taxation, use the money supply forced upon me by central bankers and follow the myriad of stupid restrictions placed upon my person (laws) is because I don’t want to get kidnapped and thrown in a cage, beaten or even killed for non-compliance. To force these restrictions upon my mind, body and spirit while calling it freedom is preposterous.

But the slaves calling themselves free operate from an entirely different mindset. They believe that they are serving something good.

The only way to do this is to deny reality. And when a country continues to morph into the 4th Reich, the degree of denial is stunning. They are no longer simply denying reality; they are defying it. For those following this path, the evil is filtering into every fiber of their being. This is the only way to continue to serve a lie that is now so completely being exposed.

In this spiritual battle, people are either getting better or they are getting worse. The middle ground of apathy and/or trying to keep our heads down is crumbling beneath our feet. The predators are being perfected in the image of what they serve. And they can no longer hide their face from the rest of us.

Interestingly enough, many of the worst predators are known to call themselves Christians, Jews and Muslims. They have lost themselves in this god of violence where justification for initiation of aggression could be found in any number of different ways.

“There must be 50 ways to leave your conscience…”

Time for you to attack, Jack
Blindly follow our plan, Stan
Just be a good goy-toy
And listen to me

Take the Lolita Express, Jess
Nothing left to confess
Just drop off the key, Lee
Locked doors make you free

And yet, the heart-center still exists in spite of it all. I consider the Korean athletes coming together to be a defining moment for humanity.

Those taking a seat for that moment are the predators of this earth. And your days of hiding behind uniforms, nationality, religion and all the other bullshit illusions put in place to keep us apart are coming to a close.

I’ll take a North Korean who follows his conscience above an American predator any day of the week. That’s my allegiance. I seek my own kind. When you put a predator of any nationality above a person who lives from their heart in another, you have become the devil’s own.

The Korean athletes have shown us the way out. It is the people that must make for themselves a better way. Time for the ruling class to hit the bricks.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Corporate Compassion

I watched the Super Bowl yesterday and the game itself was highly entertaining. But it was the commercials that were illuminating.

I’m not as good about catching the symbology as many others but the Justin Timberlake halftime show didn’t seem to have much this time around. They should have put the lyrics of his songs underneath him as he would’ve made a good bouncing ball over the words he was syncing. I mostly used him for white noise while surfing.

Back to the other advertisements. Looks like we’ve found a new use for robots. They get to laugh at us for being stupid humans. Now we need new words for robot racists and racist robots.

But the essence of these commercials was all about “everyone is equal.” I was waiting for the next rendition of “We are the world” and “I’d like to buy the world a coke” but I suppose having small children of different races, colors and creeds floating around on the clouds is the next “big idea” for the genre. I’m not sure what these cell phone, alcohol, soda pop and car companies that were pushing all this gained in regards to selling their products, but their corporate compassion marketing campaign sure made me feel better.

The problem is that I’m not quite sure why they did this at all. Are they attempting to bring us all together in order to fight the common enemy?

I don’t make predictions too much anymore because I’m almost always wrong, but the set-up we now find ourselves in regarding the Olympics and its location seems like a perfect manufactured storm to me.

One thing we know for sure is that the money masters who control the banks also have their fingers in all the other corporate pies. That means that the baby food and disposable diaper manufacturers are financed by the same people that fund the bomb manufacturers that kill the same children who were previously using their other products. This seems like a self-defeating business plan to me. But what do I know.

It also means that the corporate compassion meme is no accident. Am I still missing something here?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Perfect Justice

There are many things that I don’t think I will ever understand. I don’t understand why children get cancer and must suffer and die. I don’t understand why innocent people should be bombed and killed for the actions of a few (or none at all). I don’t understand the justice of it.

But it is much different when it comes to my own life. There is a lesson to be learned from my pain.

I don’t see this as punishment or cruelty. How could I ever see where I’ve gone wrong without suffering from my foolish choices?

From my perspective, there is an invisible justice system where a price is exacted for the consequences of our actions. And for me it has always been perfect justice.

I find this not only refreshing, but understanding the truth of it more deeply has often given me the strength to carry on. It is disheartening to see what corruption is getting away with these days. Under the systems of the world, there is little justice to be found.

But I think of all the lost souls and what they must be suffering right now. All of their delusions are crumbling before their eyes. They’re beginning to understand that the guns are now turning in their direction. They had no sympathy for the millions murdered by the same machine minds now confronting them.

Perfect justice.

I’ve seen more death recently and though heartbreaking, there are important lessons to be learned. I continue to see in others a point in which they stop growing. They have their holy books to study and fondle. They have their electronic distractions. They have their friends who blindly believe in the same things they do.

When the hammer finally falls on this mentality, it is not a pretty sight. It’s almost as if karma has grown tired of them having spent a lifetime squandering so much of their life-force by hiding from the light of reality. Time to hit the recycle button.

Perfect justice.

Like many out there today, I try to contribute to getting others to question the belief systems used to capture their minds and hold them at various levels of arrested development. I suppose most reading this realize where all this is leading unless enough people awaken to make a difference.

But if we don’t make it this time around, there will still be a smile on my face as I’m being enveloped by the mushroom cloud.

Perfect justice.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Paradise of the Predatory Mind

As with most who read this, my journey towards a life of meaning has been a series of missteps, failings and suffering until lessons taught are finally being learned.

With time and effort, advancements can be made amidst the challenges yet to be transcended. In other words, we are given a small glimpse of the way things should be before we have the divine intervention of being able to realize this vision by living in harmony with the earth as well as each other.

At the core of all this is learning to follow the non-aggression principle.

Of course, the essence of the system and all of the institutions that serve it violate this natural law by their very existence.

This is why the system is always trying to justify its attacks upon others. They know that the people inherently realize natural law as it is written in their hearts and minds. This is the reason for false flags as the corresponding part of natural law is the right to defend ourselves against those who would initiate aggression upon us.

It is in this environment we now find ourselves in and yet there are those who still believe that applying the principles of true freedom without any changes to the mind now responsible for destroying it is going to result in anything besides misery.

I will give two examples. The first is open immigration from other countries into America and Europe. In this world we now find ourselves in, one need no more of an example than the Jewish immigration invasion of Palestine to see where it will lead. This is what you get when you apply visions of paradise to a predatory mind. They will use that mind to destroy others as well as themselves. That’s what predators in human form do.

The last two American presidents opened the borders full tilt. Now the current one is using that to create chaos well within those borders. For reasons above, I believe that our borders must be protected at this time and limitations be placed upon continued immigration. Otherwise, we will all go the way of Palestine. But creating an atmosphere of distrust and fear of deportation for many who barely escaped the hangman’s noose of some dictatorship elsewhere is not the answer either.

With that being said, what quality of life do you think we will have when billions of people all move to America and Europe? These areas will result in open-air prisons just like Palestine where the masses are crammed into confined areas so as to become more easily controlled.

The way to legitimately have open borders that result in true freedom is to make other countries better places to live. That means people from more developed countries bringing technology to less developed countries. That means using our resources to help each other rather than build weapons that cause death and displacement. That means taking on a completely different mindset than the one we have now.

The next example is gun control. The mass genocides of millions by their own governments in the last century alone should attest to the folly of creating a peaceful world that is still ruled by the predatory mind.

If the devil was ever given heaven, he would only turn it into another hell. It is our job to turn this hell on earth back into a heaven. It all starts with the melding of heart and mind.

Only then can we continue our journey towards the world we wish to create.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Prince, Part II

The prince had been mistaken in thinking that he would be pursued by the king’s men after exposing his father as a traitor. After six months of being left alone in his travels and attempting to reveal the ways of the treasonous king to those in distant kingdoms, the prince decided to go back to his own kingdom and find out why.

Upon entering the village, the peasants that had once groveled in the dirt before him now turned their backs on him. The prince was granted access to the palace only after the king was told that he had arrived.

He found himself alone in the great hall with the king looking down on him as he would an enemy. But the prince also felt the eyes of something else upon him.

“So, I hear that you’ve been spreading lies about me,” the king said, barely able to contain his rage against his once-favored son.

“I followed you on your last trip before the fire,” said the prince. “I now know that you are both a traitor and a liar."

“How dare you insult me!” screamed the king. “I will have you killed!”

“I doubt it,” said the prince calmly. “It’s my guess that someone else now pulls your strings when it comes to making such decisions. Otherwise, you would have had me killed already."

“Is your master hiding in the background even now?” the prince continued.

From a curtain behind the throne, a man stepped out and walked towards the king. He approached the throne saying loud enough for the prince to hear, “Leave us now.”

The king reacted as if he had been struck, but obeyed this strange man without even a backward glance towards his son as he exited the palace.

The man took his place on the throne and asked the prince to be seated next to him.

“I figured you would come back here sooner or later. Have you had any luck convincing anyone of your ridiculous story?” the man laughed.

“First of all,” said the prince, “Who are you and what do you have on my dad to make him your subordinate?”

The man laughed. “My name is Lucius and I have nothing on him,” he said. "I merely stoked his greed and the rest of him soon followed.”

“I understand,” said the prince. “Your kind have been run out of all the other kingdoms at one time or another due to taking over their money supply and implementing usury to bleed the people dry. Then you stole a kingdom from people who only wanted to live in peace."

The prince saw that the man had a change in his eyes for a moment, but maintained his composure.

“Whatever you may think," Lucius replied, “The aristocracy in my kingdom are the power behind the throne, both in your kingdom as well as my own.”

“And you are from the kingdom of darkness,” said the prince. It was not a question.

The man laughed again. “You should talk with the villagers the next time you see them. They now believe otherwise. They are calling us the kingdom of light."

“Of course, they’ve also been informed regarding your treason against the king,” he continued. "They were told to turn their backs upon you if you were to ever again enter their village. As you have already surmised regarding the king, they would kill you themselves if allowed to do so.”

“You see,” said Lucius, “We know that you will never be believed by the masses as your kind never has been on a scale that has ever made any difference. Your kind have always ended up being killed off by the same mentality that we dupe into worshipping your image 100 years later. Of course, our lineage will recreate your image in a way that best serves our own purposes.”

“But it doesn’t have to be that way for you,” said Lucius. “Give your fealty to me and my kingdom now and you will follow your father to the throne. Your complete domination over the peasants will remain intact and you can use them as your beasts of burden to fulfill all of your desires. As long as those desires do not conflict with our own.”

Looking at this vile creature before him with his beady eyes and a mouth locked in a perpetual sneer, the prince understood why Lucius could never be king himself. It was impossible for his visage to hide its contempt for all of humanity. He had the face that even his own people could not trust.

“Before you reject my offer out of hand” Lucius continued, “Let me tell you what kind of future you will have if you do. As I've stated before and am sure you have already seen for yourself over the past months, no one will believe anything you have to say, even while everything you have been talking about is actually happening."

“They will believe only what we tell them to believe as they have been trained to obey only the aristocracy. From our schools to our religions, they are used to create mindless slaves who obey without question, no matter how much we take from them in the process. We get them to kill each other off in the name of their god who was manufactured by us. That’s what they wish to bow before and that is what they get!”

“Anyway, what do you care about these slaves?” said Lucius. “You will have them back bowing before you before this day is through. All you have to do is give your allegiance to me.”

The prince shook his head sadly. “Those are not my ways anymore. I can’t be part of the bloodshed of war used to enslave them. I also know that ruling others always comes with a price of being ruled myself. Your presence is the only proof of this I need.”

“I will never give fealty to the likes of you,” continued the prince. “You are a betrayer of all humanity, the lowest of creatures who has deluded himself into believing that you are something you are not. But even in your own kingdom, there are those who see you for what you are. They no longer wish to participate in enslaving others through war as the chains are now also being fitted around them."

“Enough!” Lucius shouted. “Be on your way; you are banished from the kingdom. I will have my servant announce it shortly.”

“You must never come back here under penalty of death," Lucius said. "But go anywhere else you wish. We will not pursue you. You are not a threat to us as you will simply be ignored.”

As the prince walked away from the kingdom, the villagers once again turned their backs upon him. He wondered how much of what Lucius had said was true.