Saturday, July 20, 2019

One to Replace Them All

Putting party loyalty aside, there is one president that has irreparably altered the political landscape as well as our entire culture since he first came onto the scene. That president is William Jefferson Clinton.

With the recent passing of Ross Perot and remembering his prescient “giant sucking sound” quote that came to pass, it reminds me that Bill Clinton was also the greatest “idol breaker” of all. He may have won two elections, but he also lost two elections for others running for president due to their affiliation with him. Al Gore was the first casualty of Bill’s previous behavior as president.

As for Hillary, there is simply no way Trump could have gotten away with his hush money and lewd comments without Bill’s victims and bimbos being trotted out during a pivotal debate. Without Slick Willy to compare him to, I’m not sure that even Trump’s supporters would have remained loyal to him after that. He would've had nothing to hide behind.

It’s now known that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express close to thirty times throughout the years. And Trump is hiding behind him again.

If the American people let this murderous, child-molesting, psychopathic bastard get away with the level of corruption he is being exposed for now, I suggest we get a giant sandblaster after Mount Rushmore. We deserve a full body graven image of this giant lizard that can replace them all.