Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Incompetence Rules

A high school in my town has just had major renovations totaling in the tens of millions of dollars, all at taxpayer’s expense. The local city council has just agreed to give the contractor an additional one-third of tax-payers dollars beyond the original estimate in order to finish the project.

A message to contractors: Low-ball your bids in order to get the project. Then hold the town over a barrel knowing they will be stuck with an incomplete building if they don’t pay up. Placing an honest bid is for suckers unless they spend enough extra to buy off the politicians who have no problem with giving them more of “other people’s money.”

Of course, this situation has now become “Anytown USA.” The cops are revenue collectors shooting people in the back for non-compliance with those left alive knowing that if they do keep their freedom, it will be at a great expense to their own assets. They’ll either pillage and fine them until they’re broke or throw them in a cage under the control of yet another low-bid contractor using them as slave labor with the “American made” logo.

The clusterfuck known as Obamacare is the reason for millions getting up early every morning to toil under the yoke of their job, forced to follow a chain-of-command where the most incompetent and morally bankrupt worm their way to the top. It used to be that paying off your house relieved a great debt burden that could make it possible to retire. Now the cost of healthcare insurance often outpaces monthly house payments.

These poor wretches wait for the release of their own funds through Medicare with the age- qualifying number climbing under this Ponzi scheme doomed for failure at some point down the line. People will be working until they die so they can have healthcare insurance to keep them alive while the government takes from them everything they have by which time they have outlived their usefulness.

Of course, all of this is just following the incremental method of servitude. We’re not even taking such things as natural disasters, nuclear bombs and plant melt-downs as well as economic collapse into consideration. It’s not a pretty picture for those choosing not to live in a delusional dreamworld of some incompetent’s making.

Looks like France has had about enough of it. Other countries will follow. Of course, it will just be taken over by the incompetents again in order to give the revolutionaries a bad name.

Nowhere does incompetence hover over a person more than Trump. He represents the epitome of arrogance which continues to lead America to its downfall. But it stands to reason that Trump would be incompetent due to making one believe he is assisting one country when his true allegiance is given to another.

I wonder why he doesn’t just tell his Cabinet appointees the truth at the beginning so they will know what they’re dealing with?

Trump: “I bow to Israel; you bow to me.”

It would save him from many problems down the road if they understood this from the start and the high turnover rate would be a thing of the past.

Corruption and incompetence have much in common. That’s because they are both about doing the job wrong. When it reaches the level it has today where this behavior is actually being rewarded, you can pretty much guarantee that collapse and more expedient ways to enslave us will be soon to follow.