Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tell Me

Tell me
Can anyone tell me
Just where we are going
Aside from the grave?

Show me
Can anyone show me
For all of our killing
Are we not more enslaved?

We thought we chose the righteous path
In the 9/11 aftermath
But we never thought to hold our hand
Until we learned the lay of the land

You find yourself alone at last
With a bureaucratic psychopath
He's only doing what he's told
There's just no way to break the mold

The hopelessness we gave the rest
Now coming down our way
Because of what we’ve done so long
Karma will have its say

Freedom cannot come for one
Unless it comes for all
Divide and conquer strategies
Are leading to a fall

We better hope that Jesus saves
When it comes the time to free his slaves
I just don’t know what’s heaven-sent
For those whose sins they won’t admit

Tell me
Can anyone tell me
Just where we are going
Aside from the grave?

Show me
Can anyone show me
For all of our killing
Are we not more enslaved?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

No More Turning Away

Voting another’s rights away and wondering why you have none of your own.

One shot, two kills for pregnant Palestinian women.

AMA drug dealers blaming guns for the horrors committed rather than the Frankensteins of their own creation.

Cast into the sea of immigration where the waves batter away all reason resulting in extremes of unlimited access for those from bombed-out countries to other sinking ships with the iron fist of Sharia Law looming in the background.

Calamities with collapsing infrastructures while funds are diverted to feed the war machine setting us up to be irradiated by our own failing nuclear plants.

Weather modification technology being used in many of these “Acts of God.”

President of South Africa assuring the public that he won’t commit genocide against white people at this time.

Pied-piper pedophile priests leading their flock towards something even worse after the unraveling.

Israeli overlords pulling the strings of its American puppet who can only spout back the same rhetoric he was told to say.

Abortion of convenience staring into the dead eyes of a pregnant Palestinian woman.

Stealing from your neighbor and supporting the use of a government gun to do it.

Killing for pleasure.

Allowing your stage in life to be used as an excuse for laying down for it.

Teachers only knowing what they’ve been taught and yet not even following that but doing only what they’re told. This is what they really teach.

Whistle-blowers bought off or taken out for not agreeing to participate in their own destruction. Those on the payroll are the only ones we get to see.

Athletic entertainers punished for genuflecting inappropriately before their corporate logo.

Religion teaching us to fight over the nature of which god should rule us. Spoiler alert: The tyrant always wins.

Government mimics the predominant image.

Soldiers-turned-police recreating their trauma back home and dispensing war-zone justice for our viewing displeasure.

Voting for our masters.

Economic collapse coming. What good is being set up on the best street corner when everybody else has their hand out?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Dog Eat Dog

“Things are going according to plans,” said the subordinate. “We’re exposing the pedophile priests now just like you have ordered. But I still can’t understand why?”

“That’s because you don’t need to know,” said Adonis. “Now leave me—and continue your work.”

“Yes sir,” the subordinate said and left the room. Adonis shook his head angrily. He knew that he would soon have to replace this one also before the subordinate fully understood the part he had played in his own demise.

Adonis heard the familiar knock on the back door of his office. He went and opened the door himself as he had given the wait-staff the night off.

“Adonis, how good to see you,” said the Gray Man with a wry smile. The tall and slim man before him wore only dark colors.

“How are you, my friend,” Adonis said nervously. “Would you care for a drink?”

The Gray Man graciously accepted.

After the formalities had been satisfied, the Gray Man asked, “What progress has been made since I last met with you?”

“Under the guise of trade wars, the dollar will continue its slow disintegration,” said Adonis. “We now merely await the accelerant that will be used to bring about economic collapse. Any idea when this will occur?”

The Gray Man looked at him sternly and said, “We’ll let you know.”

Adonis was reminded of his recent conversation with his subordinate.

“I see the pedophile priest leak is getting larger,” said the Gray Man reverting back to a more jovial mood.

“Yes, we will continue to drive the cattle away from the other religions only to end up embracing our own,” said Adonis proudly. He always started to feel better when discussing the common enemy.

The Gray Man congratulated him on his success.

“On the other hand, you need to plug that “Lolita Express” leak or we won’t have enough lackeys left to front for us,” said the Gray Man. “As you know, we are not yet ready to bring all of this out into the open.”

“The truth will not be revealed by the mainstream media until we allow it,” said Adonis. “And as you know, if it’s not fed to them on their favorite television channel or newspaper, the useless eaters won’t believe it.”

The Gray Man laughed knowing that this was true.

“Make sure you keep it as a limited hangout to remove only those we want exposed at this time,” he said. “This thing could get away from us quickly if we don’t stay on top of it.”

“Our gatekeepers in the newsrooms will make sure nothing is put out there without our permission,” said Adonis.


The Gray Man could see that Adonis had something else on his mind and asked him about it.

“I can’t help but get the impression that the final phase of our endgame is at hand,” Adonis said. I’m glad for this as it has been my life’s work. But I still haven’t heard from anyone above you and I don’t even know your last name. I would like to know what will become of me and my family after the collapse occurs.”

“You will all be taken care of for a job well done,” said the Gray Man.

“But how will this unfold?” asked Adonis anxiously. “If it goes nuclear, I have no shelter and have yet to receive an invitation from anyone…”

“No need to worry,” the Gray Man interrupted arising from the chair. “Now I must be off to my next appointment,” he said while glancing at his watch.

“Keep up the good work, my friend,” the Gray Man said to Adonis shaking his hand.

After he had left, Adonis fixed himself another drink and wondered whether he had made the right choice all those years ago for the fame and fortune he had acquired since that time.

Upon reaching his car, the Gray Man called his boss to let him know what had transpired.

Finishing the call, he knew that he would soon have to replace this one also before Adonis fully understood the part he had played in his own demise.