Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Long Way Home


As with all the rest coming into this amazing world under the control of malevolent forces, I was marched into their systems of control at a young age.

My religious upbringing came during the times in which fear of eternal damnation was the biggest marketing tool. The seductive servitude of the “You’re okay/I’m okay” New Age Movement had yet to appear as a replacement. For me, it was the “born sinner” mantra.

Looking back, I realize the irony of how children are closer to the light than their parents who often coerce and abuse them in the name of their god. Instead of teaching them self-sufficiency, they are taught to be compliant slaves who are threatened with punishment for even questioning the status quo.

They break us down when we are young and those they don’t destroy are twisted into something like them, although they may appear to be otherwise. The traumatized mind has a tendency to go to extremes. It causes us to either conform or rebel against the control grid.

After a series of experiences and events, I chose to rebel against the conditioning of my childhood. This was my “Rebel Without a Cause” lost decade of folly and excess. I did much harm to myself as well as others during this time.

Although painful, these lessons of cause and effect were presented to me in such a way that they eventually brought me back into their system of conformity. This is what I will call my “Big Brain” era in which I increased my level of education.

At the end of this time, I was given a job utilizing my education. I soon discovered that my co-workers were spying on me during the workday. The boss admitted to authorizing it later on.

In that moment, I realized that if I were ever to be “trusted” on the job by my co-workers, then I would have to eventually become a snitch just like they were. I soon left both the job and the career.

Which brings me back to being a rebel once more. But this time it’s different. This time I am a rebel with a cause.

So where are you, dear reader? Are you a conformist of some group? And I don’t care what group it is, if it shapes policy, then it has been compromised. And that means so have you.

When the world is ruled by evil, the conformist becomes the devil’s own. It’s time for us all to rebel but for the right reasons.

What are those reasons? That’s something you have to figure out for yourself.

For the conformist, that is the ultimate sin.

Monday, June 11, 2018


The truth of the matter is that I am lost. And to take it one step further, I don’t know how lost I am. But I am not so lost that I can’t see that almost everyone else is lost also. As a matter of fact, those that are the most lost are bossing the rest of us around and leading us over a cliff. That’s because they can’t see that they too are lost.

But here’s the thing. If you can see that you are lost then you will also see that our leaders are lost even more than you. Their false bravado is a good indicator of this.

And of all the countries on earth, it looks to me that America is the most lost of all.

The American people have been put through the most sophisticated mind-control techniques in history. If the tyrants of the past had access to this technology, we would have been pretty much wiped out a long time ago.

The American people have become so lost that they still can’t see their most dangerous enemy; the enemy within. They are lost because the enemy within is also unwilling to admit that they are lost. They would have to admit that they don’t know how to live without fucking over somebody else and told to feel good about it. That’s the system the slaves calling themselves free are now serving and more continue to find themselves on the short end of the stick each day.

They support the bully stealing the lunch money from other kids on the playground. Other bullies don’t mind because they think what matters about being human has something to do with skin color or religion or nationality or something else that is either arbitrary or second-hand information used to keep the chains around their minds.

Our masters keep us divided against each other, with the enforcers taking the hindmost. Their job is to keep the herd quiet, so the slave masters can eat their dinner in peace.

Could the bank robber ever hope to inflict the damage wrought upon this country by the banker? And yet the robber is reviled while the banker is praised.

And this vile worship of celebrity. Everything from the grovelers of the royal family to electing celebrity presidents, the American people have gone gaga over people that we are continuing to discover are sell-outs of the lowest order, consciously giving their souls to Satan in exchange for fame and fortune. Many are MK Ultra zombies one trigger phrase away from drastically altering public opinion in the direction of their masters’ desires. Did someone whisper something in your ear, Roseanne?

And this is what the American people follow? Idolaters!

Of course, this is the path of the lost: Blindly following the leadership of those living their lives from the outside in. Once the false second-hand beliefs are established through everything from peer-pressure to coercion, the lost must follow someone they believe knows where they are going in order to feel that they have any sort of a future. But they really don’t as their leaders are also following the orders of others who have no loyalty to them either.

The way out is to admit that we are lost and to be willing to live with that for awhile--until we start to see the way out.

Of course, we can’t see the way out right now and that’s the way it should be. There is a faith in following something in which you don’t know how it’s going to turn out but you know that you are going in the right direction. It is following the creativity that can only be found in the moment. And from those discoveries will come others.

I take it back, there is one more thing that we must admit besides being lost. We must admit that all of our Saviors are imposters, at least in the way we use them. True Saviors lead you back to yourself not try to rule you.

So, don’t be afraid to admit that you are lost. Wait and see what happens when you lay down your second-hand beliefs and open your mind to the possibilities. That is our birthright, not being subject to the whims of psychopaths.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Evil Ways

It’s about time that we finally have a president that will confront the true enemy. This is an enemy that all other presidents have failed to address as they remain more committed to the agenda of this country even at the expense of their own. This country now completely controls our foreign policy as well the media that distorts this reality and the entertainment industry that spreads its fantasy wrapped in predictive programming keeping us ensnared in their full-spectrum dominance over our minds.

President Trump has now ripped off the mask of this enemy of humanity. It is a country banking on its eternal victim status to justify running their apartheid state right in front of us.

This is so inspiring to now have a president that will turn and face the enemy that is destroying the planet! And that enemy is Canada.

We all know the part they played in 9/11. We know that their clandestine agencies are masters of deception as well as controlled-demolition. We know that there was a Canadian behind every rock on that fateful day from the owners of the out-of-date demolished buildings who later received billions in insurance payoffs, to the “Dancing Canadians” who had their cameras set up in the proper location prior to impact. We also know that the RCMP was part of this as is typical of their diabolical ways.

Yes, it all comes to light now that Canada has created opposition against Trump’s tariffs. After all, Trump knows how important aluminum and steel were in the last world war also.

It’s time we call attention to this horrific country of oppression. It is unconscionable that regular Canadians would displace French-Canadians from their homes and force them into our country so they can get a free ride. Americans will tolerate this behavior no longer.

We must stand against the oppression directed towards these illegal immigrants to the North. Yes, although we understand their circumstances, we must also protect our borders from these hordes of impoverished people.

It is America’s duty to launch a pre-emptive strike upon Canada if they fail to accept our terms which will continue to increase upon each concession. It would be in the best interests of all to bring both French Canadians and regular Canadians together while teaching them to behave appropriately. In other words, let’s keep them all over there as we bleed them dry of their resources rather than the other way around.

After Trump’s meeting today with the leader of North Korea, I must assume that Canada will fall into line from here on out.

You’ve been put on notice Canada. The American people are sick of your oppression of innocent victims and we will further destabilize your country like all the rest if you don’t change your evil ways.