Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Charred Remains

Mutually assured destruction
Forgotten by minds unwilling to function

Religion turns from surreal to sublime
With events unknown in the annals of time

The rapture is the ultimate lie
To make you lay down before you die

You may as well know your prophets’ names
Both Scofield and Darby will tell you the same

Jesus is coming back for the charred remains

A collapsing empire of knaves and fools
Who are little more than Satan’s tools

If you put blind faith in the lines of a book
Here’s another good place to take a look:

“Woe to those who call evil good…”

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Muzzle flash on lower floors
Gunfire sounds in different places
Bringing up hundreds of pounds
While the eye in the sky can find no traces

Trapped within the concrete walls
Lives taken out of season
Millionaire middle-aged man a gambler’s success
Plays a dead man’s hand for no reason

Security state rakes in the chips
Controlling every aspect of our lives
“Roll the dice, you nation of slaves”
Handed to you by those with snake eyes

Take a knee, we’ll beat you down
Half-staff flag of red, white and blue
Only one phrase will soon be allowed
We who are about to die salute you.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Awaiting the Awakening

In every conscious breath
In any bold endeavor
The answers to the universe
Are given in good measure

But not if we won’t listen
Even as the noose pulls tight
We run towards the darkness
Disappearing in the night

If we could just awaken
What a world that this could be
In spite of all our damage
She’s still there for you and me

Do you think that your Creator
Wants Her dead along with you
What Savior has been traded
For that thing inside of you

Attacks upon the innocent
All across the desert sands
While at home we fight for symbols
And bidding wars for better land

God has a sense of humor
As the further down you go
You can come up with no reason
Why the bible tells you so

To allow someone to put us all
In this “kill or be killed” scenario
These institutions of compliance
Give us nowhere else to go

Please take some time to think about
These systems that we serve
We can only watch them crumble
While becoming more and more absurd

The whole thing is collapsing
And there’s not much we can do
But what awaits us on the other side
That’s up to me and you