Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Life of Meaning

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I was almost completely unaware of what was going on around me at the time, other than what was occurring in my family, school and neighborhood.  I knew that there was a war going on as one soon becomes accustomed to such things when living here in America.  War is the discordant background noise that subtly permeates every aspect of our lives.

But I had more important things to do back then; like being a kid who shouldn’t have to worry about that sort of stuff--and I didn’t.  As little growth as I have had in my own life, it would have been much less had I seen things then as I do now.  I simply would not have been able to handle it.  There are times in which I can hardly handle it now.  

Now looking back at these wars throughout my life, I’ve yet to find a legitimate one yet.  Every one of them was propped up by liars and thieves who make money off these conflicts while fulfilling their agenda of burning up the world with the intent of recreating it in their own twisted image.

At some point, America will outlive its usefulness of destabilizing other countries. We’re running out of resources to fund these wars now and continue to be robbed by our government and the banks they serve to support them.  When the bottom finally falls out, America will turn upon its own.  But this was all put in place a long time ago.

As our rulers needed us to play our part in order for the agenda to be successful, they’ve done a brilliant job of getting us into conflicts with one another.  And it starts with what’s going on in the family.

The problem is that our parents drove us crazy.  They never questioned the programming no matter how evil their leaders had become.  From WWII to Vietnam and onward, the lies became more brazen.  Then came 9/11, the biggest lie of them all.  Finally, after the invasion of Iraq the second time, there were no amount of lies that could cover the narrative anymore.  Still, our parents now continue to support yet another liar, murderer and thief that has been put in place to fan the flames of war.  

As for the children of the parents who unconsciously “call evil good and good evil,” many entered the world of hedonism and excess as a way of escaping from the conditioned mind of those so lost that they continue to fall for the false narratives used to justify killing thousands if not millions of people in the fog of war while holding in the highest esteem those dropping the bombs.  

But most of these children who were once drop-outs have become sell-outs to the system over time.  Many have reverted to being Conservatives like their parents.  At this stage, it hardly matters, as the centerpiece philosophy of government security by the Left will lead to subjugation in the end even without the help of the warmongers.    

Perhaps it’s too painful to face the fact that your entire belief-system has been based upon lies.    Believe me, after waking up, the blood on our hands becomes more and more apparent.  Most would rather continue to support a corrupt system run by Satanic psychopaths that will only make matters worse than face the fact that they have been played for a fool for their entire lives.  But the truth is that they can never break free from this matrix until they do.  There are no exceptions to this other than certain myths taken literally turning meaningful stories into control systems.  

But there is a bright side to all of this.  Now we have an opportunity to find balance in our lives.  We live in the Age of Epiphany for those seeking answers but the only way to discover anything new is by questioning the programming of everything we have been taught.  Sacred cows must now be held up to the light of reality.  Never mind the justification given for their existence, ask yourself what they really accomplish from destabilizing countries including our own to creating a defeatist mentality as we continue to wait for the Savior that will be arriving on a mushroom cloud.    

Conservative parents need to give up on government lies about the reason for endless wars while their liberal children need to give up on government lies that the government will take care of them.

And when they do, they cease to be Conservatives and Liberals and begin to be individuals.  The possibilities are endless in creating a better world for ourselves if we have a nation of individuals with their own minds, living from the inside-out in their understanding of life.  

Otherwise, we will continue the path we’re currently on into oblivion.  Our rulers will continue to allow mob rule to grow to a point where we will welcome our oppressors as saviors, just like the poor souls in other countries who had no idea at the time that the devil they knew was much more preferable to what they were about to receive.    

It is a frightening prospect to cut loose from government dependency.  But that comes with evolving as a species and to stop allowing our differences to blind us from understanding that we have a common enemy, a malevolent entity that moves through all of their systems, all tied together by the Talmudic trash controlling the money supply. 

There would be no reason to continue my writing if I did not believe that a Golden Age awaits us.  Just as the evil ones will bide their time for hundreds, if not thousands of years before bringing their grand design to fruition, good people want to see a better world and know that they did something to contribute to that even when they have no one to come after them.  They want to leave humanity with some kind of future and an opportunity to experience true freedom, not buying into the next rendition of bullshit they feed us through our institutions.  

This is what gives life meaning.   If you can find something that will provide you with more meaning than wanting to live in a better world and doing what you can to make that happen, I would suggest that you pursue it until you understand its futility. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goodbye Mom

My Mom passed away last month.  We were told by the doctors that it was one thing that she could overcome but later found out that it was another that she could not.  She was 82 years old.

We spent the latter part of our lives trying to save each other; she with her religion and me with my “spirituality.”   We were both mostly unsuccessful in our endeavors.

In the end, all we could do was love each other in spite of our differences.  And that we did.