Thursday, May 18, 2017

Captain Chaos and His Minions of Hell

Will Trump be impeached for collusion with Russia?  How many dead bodies must Hillary crawl over to get back on top?  Will Bill O’Reilly replace Sean Spicer as Donald’s trump-et of lies?  Will any of this even matter after the balloon goes up?  Tune into the never-ending soap opera if you like.

I’m sorry, but American leaders working in collusion with Russian leaders, Israeli leaders, Saudi leaders and their various vassals throughout the world for global interests is old news.  The only thing being revealed is that the duplicity is now more out there in the open. 

The leaders of political parties we see at the highest levels are run by the same people we never see.  Therefore, I don’t particularly care what Captain Chaos and his minions of hell are up to these days, at least regarding their scripts.  It’s all part of the play, even if they impeach him.  Come to think of it, that would be a brilliant way to further intensify this destabilization program we now find ourselves in. And just in time for the Summer riots!

Of course, what makes the show so interesting is that the underlings are constantly being betrayed.  The patsy of the three-letter agency may be promised his freedom after playing his part in a false flag, but why risk keeping him around to talk?  The same goes for leaders in other countries, as allies of today become enemies of tomorrow.    

As for Trump, his character is old and dated.  It’s a scam that was never meant to last very long.  The snake-oil salesmen of the Old West knew when to get out of town before their lies caught up with them.  Trump has already been around too long and the revelations will continue.  Even in this society, I don’t think he can last.

What disturbs me is that this may have been the plan from the beginning.    







  1. My thoughts too Free .I never really thought otherwise . Cathedral Planning , nothing left to chance all contingencies accounted for .
    D'you ever get the feeling we are actually living in a Kafka novel ?

  2. The Revolution was televised but the outcome wasn't right (or left)
    So they invented Alt-News
    cause everyone gets endless do-overs
    Here in Trumpland.
    He will smirk, bow out and cash in
    all before the new year arrives wrapped in
    the same old rags of fear and loathing.
    Trump was an experiment to see
    just exactly how much absurdity
    the American people would embrace...
    and now we know,
    and if that don't scare ya shitless
    you haven't been paying attention.

    Another nice free piece !! ;)

  3. Thanks for your comments Kitty and Chautauqua. Now Trump is visiting Saudi Arabia. You know, the ones we were told were responsible for 9/11. The tragicomedy continues...

    1. The people asked , and they were given .... Trump .
      Often we receive "presents " that aren't exactly what we asked for , we open the box and find its more Pandora than Tiffany :))) .
      That's what Trump is about , the people asked and they were given , we can never say our would be masters don't give us what we want . It's easier for people to walk willingly into servitude Free , chains don't always have to rattle .
      I'm very interested to see how Trump as "statesman" ( and I am being ironic ) deals with the Wahabist Saudis . Considering his pre- election rhetoric on Islam , how will he approach the most fundamental Islamic country in the world with the worst human rights record in the world. Of course ,it's business ($110 billion dollars worth ) literally and figuratively as usual , so no problem .

      Life's but a walking shadow , a poor player,
      That struts and frets his hour on the stage,
      and then is heard no more. It is a tale
      Told by an idiot , full of sound and fury ,
      Signifying nothing.
      MacBeth. William Shakespeare.

      I think of this when I watch Trump and his tragicomedy but I think the real tragedy ( and comedy ) is us Free and how we willingly, foolishly fall for this every time .

  4. I had to put this Free . How did Trump approach the Saudis ?
    He curtsied, LOL ! Now we know who his masters are !

    1. I was thinking the same thing Kitty. All their rituals are just a ruse to openly showcase the hierarchy. But with global collapse comes betrayal and I don't think the Saudi's are going to last once the petrodollar falls. Jewish-controlled Amerika won't tolerate unending collaboration with Muslims after their current money-laundering schemes come to an end.

    2. The sad thing Free is not that everything is cyclical as we know it is . These "games" have been played many times , over many millenia, the same rhetoric heard through out history .
      The tragedy in all this is us . We never learn . We blame our leaders for the terrible state we find ourselves in , when really what we see before us is just the outward manifestation of our own wants, needs, desires, and fears . (These are the leaders we allowed to rule us) It's us! Always has been , always will be, and until we look within and begin the real process of change which will lead to our freedom from the cycle , there is no hope for us . We are the arbiters of our own fate.

    3. So true Kitty. As long as we support one puppet while denouncing another, it will never change. The walk-out of the Notre Dame students was a good thing, but would they have done the same for a Democrat VP?

      Until we realize that there is no one "out there" to save us, we will continue to be duped into following the next Pied Piper of hell.

  5. NO POINT was Trump/Drumf (German Jewish Transexual)anything other than a 'foil'...they couldn't SELL Hillary any 'Plan B' time.

    Mike Pence is...'waiting in the wings' as he has been instructed to do by those who oversee thihs entirely rotten carcass of a system...
    ...and many can smell the stench of 'decay' from wherever it is that they are, on the planet.

    BTW...and with years of research into this. The Saudis are NOT Muslims...they are Crypto-Jews...that is...Jews who pretend NOT TO BE JEWS.

    and you are beyond right FF...sadly. Always Annabelle

    THE word Semite means 'Arab' ...

    1. "The word Semitic means 'Arab'..."

      No. It means a descendent of Shem. The term was misappropriated for political purposes, as you imply, but there are many more Shemites than just the Arabs.

  6. Good to hear from you, Annabelle as I appreciate your perspective. Didn't know about the Saudis. But no matter; these predators will turn upon each other before this is over.

    But if the people awaken, we can flip the script:

  7. You are right freefall, this kind of corruption has always been in power, it's just now (here in the U.S.) the corruption has suddenly become more overt than ever for all to see. Captain Chaos has just been seen touring a chemtrail airplane on Leak Project...despicable. Mugging up with other world 'leaders' making billion dollar deals for more slaughter. And has the world ever witnessed such a blatantly disgusting pig for a U.S. president? GW rivals his stupidity, perhaps.

    I don't believe we vote these lizards in. They are forced on us. We are offered nothing but a pack of horrendous idiots to choose from. These days they write insipid computer programs for the voting boxes to control who of these fools get elected the decision is theirs, not ours. Somehow, we actually had one or two decent candidates this last election, but the cabal used Hillary's thugs to threaten the decent one off.

    It's up to us to overcome these psychopaths, these fascists, murderers and destroyers of us and this environment for their own sickening profit. They, the international banking cartel work for malevolent estraterrestrials, who keep free energy technology from us, and see us only as another resource to rape and harvest. Our kids are being abducted by the tens of thousands per year by these monsters.

    What will it take for us to evolve into the peaceful beings we want to be? This is our home.