Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A God of Our Own Co-Creation

Would it be heretical to tell you that I’ve created my god based upon the lessons of my own life-experiences?  After all, everything else is really some sort of hand-me-down deity we are told to believe without question or suffer the consequences in this life as well as the next. 

Before dismissing this out of hand, let me tell you what my god is like compared to those found in religion. 

S/he is a balance of the divine masculine as well as the divine feminine.  The myth of the brutal god reveals a severe imbalance due to the lack of the divine feminine.  Those who would lose themselves in the New Age to hide from the responsibility of standing against our enslavers are an example of severe imbalance due to the lack of the divine masculine. 

As I see it, this entire machine of death is powered by these various religions.  They could not be sold to the fodder of these wars nor would they be allowed to continue without their influence.  But going from the fire of brutality to the dark waters of unaccountability is not the answer.

Life has shown us that we are co-creators in our world as our outer world reflects our inner level of consciousness.  If you wish to follow a religion that refuses to acknowledge your part in this misery that surrounds us that’s your business. 

But my god wants me to face the truth about myself and my condition, not grovel in the dirt of shame, rote memorization and ritualistic obeisance to a manufactured authority so I don’t have to take responsibility for my own behavior.    

My god wants me to use the brain I have been given and think for myself.  My god is not into human sacrifice of any kind as this is the behavior of a tyrant, a severely imbalanced and sadistic soul.  My god wants me to know that the gifts bestowed upon me were presented out of love and not meant to be turned into a weapon under threat.    

There’s a humility in understanding what we have received and a great sadness to watch humanity throw it all away by following a fear-based god run by a fear-based system used to dupe us into killing each other off. 

This is the future of religion.  It will either die by its own hand or fade away with the rest of the superstitions used to control humanity throughout the ages.  But something must take its place as this is the way we are put together.   

Let that something be of your own co-creation taken from your understanding of the life lessons you have received from Source for those seeking balance in their lives.  If you can’t bring yourself to do that, at least put your thoughts upon those who stood for something good in this life, rather than the tyrants that keep us at war with each other.

You will find that those who seek the truth will find their way to it.  The differences in the path that brought us here is what we are meant to add to the collective story.     


  1. No , far from heretical ,blasphemous or any of the other terms used for those who have found "the way" and are on the road to spiritual liberation and transcendence Free .
    I remember speaking to you and others many times about this very subject on another site .
    The greatest truth is that we get the "God " we desire , want and need . Our "God" now is multifaceted ,it is the God of war , hatred , mammon , perversion, and darkness of the worst kind . And we alone are creating this.
    Remember the very cryptic and short statement made by the Christ ? "Yea are as God's " and so we are ,we are the children of God , Co creators , totally human , and absolutely divine , it's what we were made for , to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven , here on this earth ,all our great spiritual leaders have stated this , and yet we continue to turn away from our spiritual and moral responsibility to be this wonderful force for good , our fear of our own greatness, and our a apathy towards our birthright will be not only our physical demise , but also our spiritual death .
    Each of us has a chapter to contribute to the story as you say.
    My prayers are that we wake up to our birthright , our responsibilities and make our world into the place it should be .

    1. Thanks for your comments, Kitty. We arrive at the same conclusions once we drop the religious programming. This is the connection humanity shares that has been severed by religion.

      With all that continues to be revealed regarding these systems and the scumbags that impose it, only willful ignorance is left to keep the lies in place.

      "My prayers are that we wake up to our birthright, our responsibilities and make our world into the place it should be." Mine too.

  2. Kindness is all. But this beautiful planet is infested with parasites. We need some magic medicine, some cosmic mojo, to turn this ship right. Especially now, all we need is to take special care of the planet, and it's life. The parasites don't like life. It is only expendable to them so they may grossly profit on a crazy destructive money control system. The majority of humans want life to be cared for. How is this happening? There are way more of us than them. We need to break out of imprisonment in this suicidal system. Kindness, damn it, is all that matters.

    1. Loving Kindness is all Pandora,I agree with you totally, this must be one of the greatest of all spiritual truths. . Loving Kindness has no restrictions , no conditions , is totally inclusive and extends to all people , all creatures , all living things.
      We can be kind and loving , but this love can still be fierce and shine a light into the darkest of places .
      The power has always been ours , and always will be , we just seem to not be able to understand that if we just drop even one corner of the pyramid , the whole edifice will come tumbling down .

      I love this from the Masque of Anarchy written by Percy Bysshe Shelley after the Peterloo Massacre in England , It was a call to Anarchy in the truest sense of the word, , and was banned from the public domain for thirty years.
      This is the last verse :

      Rise like Lions after slumber
      in unvanquishable number,
      Shake your chains to earth like dew
      Which in sleep has fallen on you -
      Yes are many , they are few .

      We can still be full of loving Kindness and like rise like a Lion !
      Be a lion , not a Kitty :))

  3. Pandora,
    We must walk away from their corrupt chain-of-command systems for any chance of a peaceful existence. There is no peace and little kindness to be found in a world where we allow others to rule us. In this environment, compliance masquerades as peace and kindness is the smile of a crocodile using veiled threats for the same reasons. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Nobody ever gained an inch of ground with love and forgiveness. Every basic human right has had to be fought for tooth and nail. Nations were built on the graves of all those who laid down before their oppressors.

    I am beginning to realize that all of the love and peace sentiment expounded by many of our so called prophets and later inscribed throughout all of the scriptures and sacred texts - are nothing more than a mind hack to foster and maintain a passive, compliant and submissive population.

    I agree with Kitty, resistance is key; but sometimes one has to fight fire with fire to avoid getting burnt.

    1. Mike,
      As I see it, the problem is that predators view kindness as weakness. And many of those supposed to be doing the job of protecting society against these types have become predators themselves.

      These types must be restrained if we are to ever live in peace.

  5. On a personal level, the other day I was working with a very experienced co-worker (I am not as experienced) who I’ve always tried to be friendly and pleasant to. I have been there long enough to know that she is a bit of a slacker. On this particular day, I was doing a new job and I was a little slow. She let me know in no uncertain terms that I was slowing her down (a few weeks earlier I had seen her doing the job that I was learning and she had been as slow or slower than I was). So, it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black and so I decided to let her have it. But, I wasn’t aggro to her. But, I was slightly afraid, with these questions in my mind- What if I couldn’t control my emotions and became verbally aggressive toward her? Would she complain to supervisor? Etc. Anyway, intuition and experience along with listening to my feelings of being treated unfairly got the better of me and so I asserted plainly to her how she had slowed me down in the past but that,unlike her, I had remained pleasant and helpul to her. I let her know how I’d been busting my gut for the whole shift and that she had been leaving much of the work for me to do. Anyway, the result was that she was taken aback by this and later even apologised to me. I bet she didn’t expect it from me, but ,I simply decided to stand up for myself. I listened to my intuition and experience that tells me that others need to be held to account (where appropriate and if able) for their poor actions (same as I expect myself to be held when I act badly-and, believe me, my flatemate could tell you a few stories about me  ).
    Anyway, this is the fierce love- Love for myself, and, maybe even love for my co-worker as well, as she is slacking off at another’s expense but then blaming it on the other in order to try and cover up her own bad performance. So, by calling her out, I reckon I’m loving her to. Loving her into being truer maybe.
    That’s the love of the lion, but it can be scary to enact. (I wish I had done it better earlier in my life-anyway, we live and learn and try to get better at it).
    Also, we also need to love like a kitty as well. Let’s not forget that. 

  6. Hi Michael . What a truly lovely story . You have just given a perfect description of the redemptive power of real love .
    You were also practicing something called being naked and unashamed , a spiritual practice thousands of years old .
    This practice asks the practitioner to be very honest , and to expose their inner self totally, becoming vulnerable to the "other" . If the response is negative then the "shame " is on them, not you . It can be redemptive for both parties , but asks for great moral and spiritual courage .
    You were being totally loving to your colleague, and as you say loving her into being "truer " what greater gift could you give ?
    Lion love is great ! Kitty's can roar too, lol !

  7. Good story Michael44. It's all a matter of refinement when speaking the truth. Truth with uncontrolled emotion generally doesn't help as the the other person will just judge the presentation. But we have to start somewhere and it is sometimes better to speak up even when pissed off rather than let it build into something worse later on.

    But the guilt of the overreaction shows us that we're still off balance. And it gives the person we have stood up to an excuse to judge our behavior rather than their own.

    Telling the truth without the anger gives them the opportunity to see their part in it; or they get angry at you for telling them the truth. Now it's their turn to feel the guilt (for those with the potential to better themselves).

    I've failed at this more times than I can mention and I still do. But sometimes I get it right and that provides the motivation to want to continue down this road.

    Behind my anger lies fear. And although I have yet to overcome this condition, as with all of us, I am able to see beyond where I currently reside. Fear must be faced head-on without hiding behind the strong emotion that wants to deny it.

    An example of my success recently is that I have made phone calls to two different people who at first didn't know it was me and were very defensive towards me until they knew who I was. I didn't react to their response because I realized that once they knew who I was then it would be all right.

    I think that when I truly know who I am I will no longer have this problem. Our behavior tells us how far we still have to go and no amount of lying to ourselves will change that. And for that I am thankful. Otherwise there would be no chance for me to get better.


  8. Hi Guys.

    I have been meaning to write back.

    Will get back soon.

    1. It's always good to hear from you Michael :))

  9. Free, you're probably busy, but just letting you know, looking forward to your next post. :)

    1. Pandora,
      I'm dealing with family issues right now so it will probably be awhile before my next post.

    2. Hope everything goes well for you, Free.