Monday, December 24, 2018

A Collective of Authentic Minds

Looking back, I wonder when I began to lose my attachment to other people. What I mean by that is no longer caring too much what they thought about the way I see things. I may still be susceptible to getting too caught up in others, but if they don’t play the music I long to hear, this will not last very long. And the music originates from within.

Which brings us to the vagaries of putting our faith in liars. For those with eyes to see, all of our leaders at the top are liars and their ability to get people to believe those lies is why they are at their job.

People believe in those who tell them the lies they most want to hear. But in doing so, they take their mind from the outside world, herded either to the Left or the Right to the same slaughterhouse we are now being led.

These “beliefs” come from upbringing, childhood trauma and downright indoctrination both at home and at school. And then we learn to keep each other in line. When that indoctrination is fed to children at the expense of their inner knowing, they lose the ability to understand the meaning of their lives. Their life-lessons come and go without notice, while they are taught to regurgitate external drivel in one form or another.

As I’ve written before, one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in America over past decade is the personality cults that have formed around presidents and celebrities. As a matter of fact, we have actually reached a point where celebrities become presidents (Trump) and presidents become celebrities (Obama).

Scripts are run using these bad actors to elicit the highest level of emotional response possible, reinforcing the fear program in the collective consciousness and dividing the country on lines of race and religion while politicizing such things as environmental degradation and mass immigration. There are no easy solutions, although those who caused the problems to begin with will tell us that they have the answers.

It also leaves those lost in the Left/Right performances with either a hole in their head or their heart. This is the real reason for Con-gress. They wish to create “a house divided” whose mind they can reshape in their image. It matters not which side you “choose.” They are both controlled by the same dark entities intended to keep you an incomplete person seeking completion by putting your faith in them.

For me, I think it was after I began questioning the literal existence of Christ the Savior when the previous hold of these liars began to leave me. Besides, any Savior worth his salt would warn the disciple against getting too caught up in him. The answers sought can only be found within. The Savior wants you to find what s/he has found. Anything else turns from one form of dependency to another.

But those like Trump and Obama are not Saviors. They are demons that want you caught up in their hubris and neuro-linguistic nonsense. As far as they are concerned, you are the human sacrifice in this story.

I have no idea how we are ever going to get ourselves out of this mess. I only know that it is impossible if we keep blindly following this endless parade of clowns.

Seek the “Saviors” that lead you back to yourself, not those who want you to bow down to them. And someday, we may realize that the Savior is us and the answers can only be found by bringing together a collective of authentic minds. We each have something unique to offer and it must be activated if we are to have any chance of survival as well as the ability to live in harmony with nature and one another.

In the meanwhile, it’s better to wait in the silence of not knowing than believing in the voices meant to lead us astray.


  1. ...Living Colour - Cult Of Personality

  2. CHeeze, Adaline, quit your drivel.

    free, I need help. My brain literally hurts.

    I need a Good Woman to help me edit my stupid little trio of essay that has been torturing my brain, left/right infighting, for decades, since I was 15. I just blew it with asking Ida for help. Who has the guts? Erykah Badu, that's who, and she is probably WAY too busy or would rather run the other direction.

    I feel like a lone wounded wolf, forever searching the woods for food.

    Who am i kidding, no one would want to touch my editing request. Oxymoron. Barry Freed's daughter-out-law? That's quadruple-speak? I was 15 for Krissake. The 'world' is so f@cking crazy. I am NOT crazy, it's the f%$$ing Con-Strucked. There, I said it. I am probably going to delete this comment. I'm sorry Free. I got no one to cry on the old literary shoulder to, and no business crying on your blog. So angry I can't cry. Here, I'll go get the bleach and clean it up, writitover.

    or Naught.

    Rage Against The Machine

    Chautauqua may dump decide to me now too. I'll have to ask him directly. Sheeit!

    1. Out of the tree, Pandora . Out of the freaking tree...

    2. We’re all in the same boat, Pandora. Alienated from the mainstream and surrounded by sellouts on alternative sites, it’s hard not to become disheartened at the lack of interest for our work even though what we write about continues to unfold.

      If you take enough meaning out of your work, the mainstream may find it acceptable, but then what is it worth?

      Many now appear to be putting their energy working on themselves rather than posting their work out there, and who can blame them? The reset is coming whether we can get anyone to see it or not. Most have shown that only more suffering can awaken them, and that is what they’re going to get.

      Hang in there, Pandora. I don’t think it’s abnormal to have emotional eruptions due to the frustration of being unable to get people to see what is really going on and where we are being led. Our survival is tied to the mentality of fools unwilling to admit they are wrong. Why would we not be frustrated?

    3. omg, thank you free, I knew I could count on you set me right.

  3. Free, this whole re=set threat thing could also be yet another false flag that they are standing on our necks with...the threat of it is enough to scare the out of most folk?

  4. The potential for life to be good is just as strong as any illusion that they have been drilling into humanity for however long. Although, a re-set would be nice if it fairly only leveled the playing field...