Tuesday, May 9, 2017


She came to me in the Springtime

Though I’d seen her face before

Like a light into the darkness

She always left me wanting more


Her vibrancy and beauty

Not so easy to ignore

Takes me back to my childhood

When I loved her even more


But still they violate her

In so many different ways

They crawl for banker’s money

As they dig their children’s graves


And now they bring this madness

Back inside the USA

They want to carve her up

In a thousand different ways


To those who have no connection

To leave her so exposed

You’ve lost all sense of reason

As your life comes to a close


She’ll fight back before you kill her

And the animals will too

So for those still uncommitted

It’s now time for you to choose


She still comes to me in Springtime

Though she doesn’t always stay

As now I know her well enough

There is nothing much to say






  1. And here we soon have winter
    Down in the land below
    A police state of drunken fools
    Awareness quite shallow

    We hope for many changes
    But are sprayed and distracted
    Most just want to afford a home
    While many freedoms are compacted

    So bring the chill and the cold
    To the ones that keep on judging
    And wait to plant the springtime seeds
    For the youth who see the fudging

  2. Yes Patrick, even in springtime I can't help but feel the winter of empire and its cold and callous ways used to maintain control at all costs.