Saturday, April 1, 2017

Stumblebums in the Land of Nod

Over the last few weeks, I’ve made some feeble attempts to get my work out there on the bigger sites or reach out to others in some way.  But I can see that they don’t trust me.  It may be that I have used a different e-mail address to contact them in the past or I am held in suspicion for not using my real name.  Or the stench of the site I once contributed to will never wash off.
Anything out of the ordinary is a red-flag these days and “paranoia runs deep” in the world we now find ourselves in as government infiltration of the Liberty Movement is a constant reality. 
But I have no ulterior motives other than wishing to thank others for their work or the desire to gain a bit more traffic on the dusty and indistinct trail now leading to my site.   

The truth is that I’m barely computer literate enough to even start a blog.  I lost my last website due to not knowing what I was doing.  This site is as basic as it gets and I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time. 
For those of us who learned to type on an electric or even manual typewriter, I suppose I’m not alone in feeling more than a little bit lost due to the level of technology required to do the job right these days. 
Granted, I am learning to use the statistics regarding the few that are visiting my site.  I’m learning to use this surveillance system like a good little spy as we are now all being conditioned to keep an (electronic) eye on each other.  

There are those who put monetary gain above all else though they would tell you otherwise.  There are those who now tell us that a politician will save us when they previously told us that all politicians were puppets, especially at the highest levels.  There are those whose heads are so far in the clouds that their feet no longer touch the ground.  There are those who are government snitches that have helped create this sick environment we all now find ourselves in which leads to isolation and self-imposed restrictions that weaken our resolve and impedes our ability to stand together against the common enemy.  We’re too busy making enemies of each other.  Whether this is real or imagined makes no difference as the results are the same.

And then there are those of us who are stumblebums in the land of Nod.  At this stage, about all we can do is keep falling forward and do what we’re given to do whether trusted by others or not no matter the small number of readers.

After all, we never know who we may reach and what difference they could make because of it.   










  1. free:
    Man, can I ever relate to your thoughts. The blogosphere is indeed an entity, with its own gatekeepers, whose names are known to all. These gatekeepers encourage new bloggers because its all about the clicks. As vast as it is the blogosphere constantly needs new blood to survive, new writers, new opinions, creative thought and all that. Through the gatekeepers, your access to the big important mega-sites is granted. That is to say as long as your posts get more traffic to their site, and you don't say anything overly critical of the whole system, your words may be seen by the long as you are useful.

    My own exposure to the blogosphere came thru the very same site you referenced, and from there onto another site across the puddle; and from that site, direct access to Rense. I had a nice ride there for a while, as almost everything I posted showed up on Rense, and from there onto even more sites (who just post your stuff without so much as a link back or thank you.) Thieves is what they are, getting paid for every click while the authors get shafted. Yeah things were nice right up until the great shitstorm of yesteryear. Although Rense has many times shined his light on pedophiles he wouldn't touch it when someone he endorsed was the subject. I took exception to that and said as much publicly, which pretty much ended the days of me showing up on Rense. The final nail was driven in that coffin when I began my political posts about Trump and the election because Rense was Trumps greatest cheerleader.

    So, yeah what a case of whiplash. I was accustomed to getting two to three thousand hits a day, even between posts, cause I had great exposure. Suddenly it drops to three to five hundred hits a day. That can be a letdown if ya let it. I chose to not let it bother me once I was done being pissed off about it. Funny thing happened. After a few months passed I noticed my dailies were increasing up to and often over a thousand hits a day; without the gatekeepers help. Lesson learned, it will be what it will be-size doesn't matter.

    Yes Blogger is as basic as it gets, so take their statistics with a grain of salt. For the last couple years I ran "Google Analytics" for my site stats, and they consistently showed that I was getting way more hits than blogger said I was getting. On your blogger dashboard, all the controls are listed over on the left, as you have already discovered. Click on THEME to pick the general appearance of the site, then go to LAYOUT to add gadgets, and arrange items the way you like. Like you, I began on an old manual typewriter many years ago. Once I upgraded to computers I just jumped in and bumped along until I figured out what I was doing. Same approach works on building your blogger site, I didn't know squat, but after a few hours of tinkering around I had a feel for it. After a couple tries I had it looking the way I wanted...which was good enough until I could learn more about what I was doing with jump in with both feet, see what you come up with. Oh yeah, one more thing: The size of your audience doesn't matter, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your comments Chautauqua. I think you're spot on about the environment we find ourselves in. It has definitely been an educational experience for me. We both know our work is good enough to be on the larger sites as it has been on there in the past.

      It would be nice to reach more people. But if my motives became like the gatekeepers you speak of then the value of my work would suffer. Also, I have no wish to have my spiritual growth stunted in this way.

      We are where we should be. A cosmic spark placed in strategic locations. ff

  2. Hi Free . Don't get down about this . You don't need to be a genius to know the so called alternative community is just like any other corporate body , it's a business , or church depending on your perspective , both are ultimately just business . On ZG s site I was constantly referring to to the Alt community as the Church of the New Gnostics . There are the Bishops and the priests and the acolytes (the readers ) , the system is hierarchical and pyramidal just like any other system , and like any other system it can be corrupt.
    Looking at the whole ZG exposè I understood very early on that the so called big names withdrew from the condemnation of ZG because there are always books to be sold , conferences to attend , money to be made , it's a club , the "in" crowd .
    Only a few mavericks with honour and integrity got down to the job of real journalism , reporting on and exposing the dark underbelly of the so called Alt community .
    Don't worry too much about the size of your readership , the fact you are getting your thoughts out there has huge merit .
    You have a pure writing style that is direct , incisive and eminently readable . You have a lot to say , and , speaking in truth , honour and integrity is now more important than ever . Just write for the love of writing , the rest will follow , it depends on where you want to go :))
    I always read you , along with Chautauqua and a couple of others , my only problem ...... I still can't get with this commenting lark!

    1. Thanks Kitty. I've learned much from your comments over the years. Adding to the conversation from Chautauqua's site, you appear to have a talent for writing yourself. Perhaps your good advice is not just for me this time.


    2. yeah, Kitty, you are a blessing <3
      🦉 owl
      🦆 duck
      ∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

  3. Hey Freefall, yeah, bloggers wanna be read, it's kind of the point. Your content is EXCELLENT. (always enjoyed your stuff, and now here.) Want more. Keep up the good work! As Kitty says,

    "Just write for the love of writing , the rest will follow , it depends on where you want to go :)) "

    Have had the blessing/curse of some web development experience during my working years. That industry is like any other, scheming and wheeling dealing to make money, no matter how corrupt. Got kicked out of the job market, dumped in a ditch years ago, totally unable to keep pouring money into training and hardware/software to at least stay in the running...hate 'business'.

    But I love art expression through the web. Have no interest in making money on my blogs. But it's sure nice to be read.

    And it's fun as hell to write.

    I'd be happy to give you some practical advice. Why? Cause I can. But not through comments, email me at mini . moonbeam @ gmail . com (one word, no spaces) The little things, and some 'widgets' that blogspot offers on these blogs. (you can go into your posts and edit, and asap is best) Like for one, please put the email widget on your right hand column, that allows me to sign up for your posts. It's a neat feature that will send the reader an email (usually the day after - you post) that you can find in design > layout. 'I', the reader, will sign up (through *'never be evil'* google {ha!}) and never miss a post.

    One other thing. Do you take photos at all? A photo (or two) with each post really spices up the gist you are getting across. Gives us a visual. Can help you with that too.

    Also can help you spruce up your template if you want.
    All it takes is time. A few photos that will show up at the top, and if you want the right column, all the time in the background of every post. At a glance, *yeah, that's freefall's blog*

    1. Thanks Pandora. I may take you up on your kind offer. And thanks for your comments.

    2. Reading thru these comments the thought occurred to me; what if some folks networked together to create a blog site for new and first time writers to get some exposure...maybe its just me but that seems a possible direction, or maybe its the meds talking. thats my nickle's worth for tonight!

  4. Great idea Chautauqua! Similar to artists showcasing their artwork. A place for support and advice as well maybe ?
    There are so many talented people out there .
    Could be good , what d'you think Free , Pandora ?

  5. My pc keeps crashing trying to post. they keep meddling.
    I saved my thoughts before crashing, twice.
    Kitty I think it's a great idea, and I would also like to see free settle in to his new blog a bit. I know that a collaboration would take a lot of dedicated work (time), and if it took off at least one full time person. (If we went legit it would take deniro - lets not go there?? $$
    Start out as a free blog, ? How would we manage it at first, as a group? How would we coordinate? Each of us take a week at a time to manage? Let's all blog about the idea for a bit?
    Just some suggestions.
    Also, I am two bloggers.
    and I also had a big old poetry site that I took down several years ago on anglefire, who ads one like craxy. ... where I communicated with the music world...they love free inspiration and will spin off your writing...y'all are inspiring me to put some of that back up...we submit our work to musicians and it opens up another door...
    ∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃
    🦉 owl
    🦆 duck

  6. freefall, you in the 'states?

    1. suggestion, something like ~

      Think of a tag line for your blog.
      A short description. About the gist of you.

      ...a truther's journey...
      (wake up, sheeple)

      something that will show up under your title, 'freefall's blog'

      like your mission

      or your motives for writing

      or about you

      ...and do you still have that wordpress image of you freefalling? the little (thumbnail) photo that showed up by your comments...

      ...west coast, I think

      and if I'm annoying you, feel free to ignore! :)

  7. Go well Freefall - see what support surrounds you!! It was one of your poems truthing it to zester that sparked a very long lost something in me to rhyme and whine!!
    It felt good sticking it to that word poop groveller, with a pinch of chaut encouragement. Write on!
    Ghosted that fakir.
    Just reach within and watch the numbers spin, type the juice and let creation loose.
    Trust yourself

  8. Makes it all worthwhile Patrick. Time to get in their damned faces! The path they are being led leads to destruction for us all.