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The Masked Magician Speaks

The Masked Magician Speaks

Author’s note:  Below is a fictional account meant to present what is now occurring from a different perspective.  It is well past time that we confront the possibility that all of this is a scripted narrative with improvisation thrown in to make the show look more real.  This includes the rotating cast of characters that we call our leaders. 

FF: Thank you for agreeing to the interview.
MM:  You’re welcome.  I’ve been looking forward to it. 

FF:  Let’s get started.  We know that you have recently revealed the secrets behind numerous magic tricks and illusions to the public.  This has never been allowed in the past.  We also know that the entertainment industry is under the control of dark occult practitioners.  Therefore, we must assume that you are now following the dictates of these people.  What we don’t know is why you have decimated your own industry by doing this.  Please explain.

MM:  As you have deduced, I am part of group that remains mostly hidden from the public.  But within our group, there are certain rules we must abide by as we bring our agenda to fruition.  One of those rules is that we are required to reveal our underlying intentions to the public prior to their occurrence. 

FF:  But why risk waking the people up?  Why tell us anything at all?

MM:  We don’t think you can stop it anyway.  There are not enough of you awake to make a difference; there never has been. 

Which brings me to my main point.  The primary reason that we revealing our illusions to you now is because we are entering a new phase of our agenda.  The velvet glove now lies in tatters.  We are bringing in the hammer of brute force of the State to come down upon you.  Our intention is to pick you off one group at a time.  And since we have created massive polarization between our two political parties, one group will scarcely care if another is sent to the camps or even killed off.    

FF:  So it is the extremism of those caught up in these two parties that fan the flames of chaos and disorder?

MM:  Of course.  We are nearing the culmination of a fear-based agenda that results in extreme emotions that override their cognitive functions causing them to behave in accordance with our will rather than their own.   

FF:  Can you be more specific about how you use both liberals and conservatives as a way of fulfilling your agenda?

MM:  We really need both sides to make it work.  We must have the Left to push dependence upon the State.  But we also need the Right to fight and support our wars of aggression and destabilization.  A mind not under the spell of these two extremist parties is much more difficult to manipulate. 

FF:  Can you talk a little about how religion also serves your agenda?

MM:  As you know, my specialty is in the entertainment industry.  But I’ll tell you what little I know.  If we can get you to believe that your god is a tyrant, then we can also get you to follow tyrants here on earth.  This makes perfect sense if you think about it. 

But if the overriding characteristic of your god is love, this makes it much more difficult in getting you to commit or condone violence except for situations requiring self-defense rather than overreacting towards problems we created.  As you are aware, bullies have always looked for fights where none existed until their aggression made it happen and then blaming those who are defending themselves.  If you are foolish enough to worship a bully, it’s not much of a jump to get you to serve one in human form or even to behave as one yourself.  This is because we all take on the nature of what we serve.    

FF:  And the war looks to be the centerpiece of the tyrant’s strategy creating their chaos so they can bring in their New World Order. 

MM:  Yes, that is the primary objective of our military actions although most serving in these conflicts have no idea what they are being used for.

FF:  Yes, they think that they are fighting for our freedom.

MM:  No doubt, as that is their conditioning they receive during our training as well as at home.  Their training is about turning defenders into predators.  If we can get them to follow all orders without question and have them commit atrocities, we have accomplished that objective.  The good ones often spend the rest of their lives coming to terms with what they have done while the bad ones continue to serve our purpose in other areas from corporate mercenaries to civilian law enforcement.  And the American people provide a feedback loop to reinforce this lie through their support, even though it’s obvious that those handing down the orders are the same ones taking their liberties away.  All for your protection, of course. 

FF:  How high does this go?  Is Trump on board also?

MM:  Let’s put it this way, billionaires don’t run trillionaires.  Trump was vulnerable during his bankruptcies.  We took advantage of that.  We also took advantage of his avarice and thirst for power.

If you watch what’s happening with his administration, he has brought in our financiers and corporatists who have profited greatly from these wars.  This combination always leads to more war.  Also, the Police State build-up continues to advance under this regime.  The truth is that Obama was the setup man while Trump is meant to be the closer. 

FF:  Would it have gone any better if Hillary would’ve won?

MM:  Not really, as we control both sides.  We just would have gone about it differently.  I’m not sure exactly how it will work out, but you can bet that if he gets out of line, the Controllers will have a backup plan.  The good thing about Trump apparently siding with Russia is that he won’t be blamed when declaring war on them after Russia is implicated in our next event.  This will give him the plausible deniability he needs to continue.  Or those in power may get rid of him by painting him as a traitor if it suits them and replace him with another stooge, but I don’t think this will be the case.  Trump is their strongman.  

But no matter who is in there, with the ensuing monetary collapse that will occur after our event, the chaos will first be allowed to flourish before the Police State comes to the rescue.  This is when we will introduce both gun confiscation as well as chip implantation.  And no matter what our puppet presidents tell you now, this will be implemented after Martial Law has been declared by them under our orders.

FF:  Will they also try to control us by taking over our basic resources including food and water?

MM:  Yes, that is the plan.  I’m not given a timeline, but the more natural resources that our corporations can destroy, the other corporations that we own will use the lack of them to exploit you.  For instance, if you’re drinking water is poisoned through our fracking, you will pay good money for our bottled water.  And when our money no longer holds any value, you will trade what’s left of your freedom for it.  This is where we are taking you. 

FF:  One of the only players out there that appear to be on the side of liberty or at least not wanting to burn up the world is Putin.  Is he under the control of your superiors also?

MM:  This is something I’m not supposed to talk about too much but I will say this.  Putin is ex-KGB.  Have you ever known any of those in these intelligence agencies whether they be KGB, CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. to be anything other than servants of our agenda?

But this is as it should be.  All your leaders must let you down before you decide to lead yourselves.  I tell you this truly because, once again, we don’t believe enough of you will awaken to make a difference.  The responsibility of self-ownership still appears to be too daunting for most.  They would rather be ruled by liars who tell them what they most want to hear.

With that, I must take my leave now.  Perhaps we will talk again. 

FF:  Okay.  I want to thank you for your time and your interesting answers although I’m not sure what is true and what is not.

MM:  It will be up to the reader to decide such things for themselves as well as doing their own research if they have the capacity to do so.  Our continued success lies in the fact that the vast majority still do not. 


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