Monday, March 20, 2017

The Comedians

Somewhere between the horror of how bad it has become and how much worse it will get, we have now reached a point where the masses are being conditioned to laugh at their own enslavement. 

In my morning newspaper, there was a cartoon making a joke about microwave ovens spying on us.  Does anyone find this amusing?  If you do, step right up for your official zombie award. Next, they’ll be admitting that your children are being injected with a virus grown in aborted fetal tissue.  Do you find that funny also?  What about if the newspaper makes a joke out of it; will it be funny then?  I mean, how much longer are people going to put up with this insanity?

While the media uses the distraction of blaming the wiretapping scam on those who secretly work in collusion with the others they are supposedly spying on, they are now showing us that we have all been wiretapped and are therefore part of some reality television show whether we want to be or not. 

What type of people would be a part of the mainstream media these days?  How many times can you look away from what you are contributing to before you no longer see anything wrong with it?  And when you reach that point, are you even human anymore?

America has become a tragic comedy.  And it is the co(media)ns that have shaped the collective mind and taken it in the direction we are going.  They could very well be the most destructive force out there today.  Bombs cannot be dropped without justifying it or hiding it and the media does both.    

It’s probably time for me to stop reading the paper in the morning.    


“And I’m up while the dawn is breaking even though my heart is aching.  I should be drinking a toast to absent friends, instead of these comedians."  Elvis Costello


  1. It's unconscionable. There are so many issues now it's mind boggling, from chemtrails to vaccinations. Americans are losing their freedoms at an astounding rate by the minute with each day having a madman in office. It is not funny at all. All people need to wake up and see how we are being controlled, used and abused by the elite. We need to stand up for ourselves and each other, and at the very least be aware of the truth.

  2. Last sentence, third last paragraph.
    C'mon Freefall, are you a psychic on the side or what. Although it's their obvious play so many keep falling for, you were days away from that reality shocking even the most hopeful of us. Makes us feel stupid now, that he can point the finger to fake news and yet use it when it suits his handlers sham. I really did hope America would be great again - and still do - there is a spirit alive there that cannot be denied, but..... The media is just as much a joke and destructive force down under, like it always has been. Kudos for starting your blog!

  3. Thanks Patrick. After awhile, it just comes down to watching them follow a recipe. Sort of like baking a cake. Just looking at what Trump stocked his Cabinet with tells us it's a recipe for war.

    Now we are beginning to see ahead (with a little help from their predictive programming). It's like they want us to see what's coming. Not sure why. Something to do with the rules they follow.

  4. Generals gathered in their masses.....

    It gobs me how easily swallowed that media cooked cake is by Mr Public....

    Poisoning their brain washed minds....