Monday, March 20, 2017

Secret Agent Man

Secret Agent Man


Hello, Secret Agent Man

We know what you are

You weave your duplicity

While blaming others near and far


Call in your provocateurs

Bring in violence anew

A reason to justify

The damage you do


Crisis-actors and patsies

Your next false-flag-to-be

And that’s how you take from us

Our chance for liberty


Collude with media

Your lies to impart

Spreading fear and incivility

To harden our hearts


To keep things in line, you see

Not the reason anymore

It’s global instability

As the outcome of war


What a shame you can see it now

Only now that you’re alone

While you sold us to slavery

You’ve done the same for your own


Here’s to you, Secret Agent Man

We know what you are

If this world could ever heal

Then you’d be the scar



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