Sunday, March 26, 2017

Isn't it Ironic

Isn’t it ironic

They still blame the Muslims

Isn’t it ironic

But that’s just lowest rung


Isn’t it ironic

That their children sign the bombs

Isn’t it ironic

We call them the Chosen Ones


Isn’t it ironic

How we lost them to a book

Isn’t it ironic

They’ve forgotten where to look


Isn’t it ironic

While we steal our neighbor’s land

Isn’t it ironic

On the top, it’s only sand


Isn’t it ironic

You vote for him to stop the war

Isn’t it ironic

That he will only bring you more


Isn’t it ironic

That you thought you knew the score

Isn’t it ironic

Now it’s your turn to be poor


Isn’t it ironic

Though we won’t admit we’re slaves

Isn’t it ironic

It’s what makes us all the same


Isn’t it ironic

Rule by barrel of a gun

Isn’t it ironic

Now we’re all Palestinians


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Gift of the Imagination

In our own minds, we mostly see ourselves as writing the same thing over and over again.  It’s like falling into a rhythm of repetition; the beating of the distant drums. 

Then like a flash, a thought takes you in a new direction; a direction you have never been before.  At some point, you realize that you’re just along for the ride.  In an expression of language, we release ourselves to the music that takes us beyond the words.  Because of this, we never feel that what we have written is clear as it should be. 

You can like our music or not, but we play jazz.

I can’t begin to realize how much I’ve learned from those who write from this place inside themselves.  I generally don’t even remember who wrote their unique perspective that I have begun to ponder, as it takes time to develop in me.  But understanding unfolds when the right inner chord has been struck. 

I don’t think I’m being overdramatic when I say that it is our imagination that has revealed to us a spark of divinity.  For in the imagination lies the keys to the way out.    

How does one continue to open the door to their imagination?  It’s not just about withdrawing from the system.  It is the conscious effort made to do so when you could do otherwise.  You no longer give your essence to a corrupt external source.

Aside from being poor, I cannot say what I’ve received from doing this  other than one thing—the gift of imagination has increased in me significantly. 

It is the imagination that has added to the progress in the world from science to the arts.  Linear thinking can only take us so far.  To discover what has previously remained hidden, a leap of consciousness must be made.  This is first accessed through the imagination on a subconscious level.  The difference for those who can access it on a conscious level lies in their ability to be open and accepting of what is revealed.  Those who deny reality use imagination only to lose themselves.      

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  We writers who continue to discover this great gift would write even if there was no one else to read our work.   This is because we discover something new in our own writing.  We grow from it even if no one else does.  In a way, it is like communicating with God.   Yes, it is a form of channeling, although certain religions have given this concept a bad name.

My life has become a journey to develop my imagination.  Through the imagination revealed to me through this Source, I continue to grow in the direction in which I am being taken despite the compulsions and  delusions I am drawn to that separate me from more revelations. 

As I begin to understand what is being withheld from me due to my conditioned state, my inner drive to transcend these barriers intensifies.  And yet I cannot overcome my conditioning by will power. 

The reasons behind what we do must be seen in the Light before it can be transcended.  And that means understanding every gory detail that separates us from the truth.  I’ve come to the conclusion that all impediments to this desired outcome are rooted in a continuing conditioned-response to previous traumas.  This is why many of us (myself included) are feeling the conflicts arise more strongly now and are confronting those who initiated these traumas, from those force-feeding us religion to the educational indoctrination programming as well as the corporate and government liars and thieves.  I also think that this has something to do with the polarization between the masses today.  Their subconscious reactions to traumas are being used to condition them into creating more conflict as well as bizarre behaviors revealing where a life without investigation has taken them. 

In order to gain everything, we must first let go of everything.  Humanity is on the verge of opening to the universe. And before this becomes reality, it must first be seen through the imagination.

Our imagination is meant to lead us home. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Comedians

Somewhere between the horror of how bad it has become and how much worse it will get, we have now reached a point where the masses are being conditioned to laugh at their own enslavement. 

In my morning newspaper, there was a cartoon making a joke about microwave ovens spying on us.  Does anyone find this amusing?  If you do, step right up for your official zombie award. Next, they’ll be admitting that your children are being injected with a virus grown in aborted fetal tissue.  Do you find that funny also?  What about if the newspaper makes a joke out of it; will it be funny then?  I mean, how much longer are people going to put up with this insanity?

While the media uses the distraction of blaming the wiretapping scam on those who secretly work in collusion with the others they are supposedly spying on, they are now showing us that we have all been wiretapped and are therefore part of some reality television show whether we want to be or not. 

What type of people would be a part of the mainstream media these days?  How many times can you look away from what you are contributing to before you no longer see anything wrong with it?  And when you reach that point, are you even human anymore?

America has become a tragic comedy.  And it is the co(media)ns that have shaped the collective mind and taken it in the direction we are going.  They could very well be the most destructive force out there today.  Bombs cannot be dropped without justifying it or hiding it and the media does both.    

It’s probably time for me to stop reading the paper in the morning.    


“And I’m up while the dawn is breaking even though my heart is aching.  I should be drinking a toast to absent friends, instead of these comedians."  Elvis Costello

War Games

It was the heat from the stones they were lying on that caused them to awaken.  But upon rising, they soon discovered that there were cool spots to be found among the rocks.  As they settled in more and looked around, they found themselves in an enormous cavern.  It was the hell of their imagination as that is the only place hell has ever been found.

The people were of all ages, colors and creeds.  Somehow, they had all been whisked away from where they had once been but they did not know why or even where they had come from.  Their answers would soon follow. 

“Greetings slaves,” said the Demon as he strode in purposefully onto the ledge above them.  He was closely followed by his Imp who was carrying a whip.  “Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, you are all dead!” he said with a cackling laugh.
The crowd looked apprehensively at one another.   

“You don’t remember how you died, do you?” he said.
They did not.

“You were vaporized by a nuclear explosion,” he said.  “Your very souls were incinerated.  Personally, I was glad for it, but your Creator chose to put you back together to stand before me now so I could tell you the truth.  You see, I have no need to deceive you anymore.  You all belong to me now.”

“The beginning of your end came with your last presidential election in America,” he continued.  “As usual, most of you fools thought one candidate would spare you from the same fate as the other, even though it was obvious that both were mine.” 

 “Many of you cheered as your trumped-up enemies were taken to the camps.  You failed to realize that your group would soon follow.” 

“Also, prior to the bombs putting most of you out of your misery, many of you were killed off by the same troops you had previously supported when they killed elsewhere in your bloody wars.  There’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than watching people kill their own,” he laughed.       

“But the biggest player in my game was the one that you thought was my enemy,” said the Demon.  “You see, I am Yahweh!”

Those in the crowd below were horrified by what they had heard. 

“You fools have been worshipping some off-shoot of me ever since you crawled out of the caves,” the Demon continued.  As time passed, each empire took bits and pieces of religions from those they conquered so they could be more easily controlled.  In the end, your existence was as short and brutal as the gods you worshipped,” he said.  

Those below would still not believe it.  At a nod from his master, the Imp cracked his whip and the crowd began attacking one other.  Even those who had previously followed the same religion were now turning upon each other.

The Imp howled with delight.

“Oh, how I love the sound of chaos in the morning,” the Demon shouted above the din.  “Now you will burn here for eternity!”

“Enough demon,” said a voice of strength and confidence.  From the fighting below came a man who looked no different than the others, but the energy emanating from him caused the crowd to disperse.

In the silence of the moment, a hiss of steam could be heard.  It was the Imp pissing himself on the hot rocks at his feet.  He dropped his whip and ran to hide behind the Demon.

“You know that all souls come back to me in the end no matter how long it takes,” the man continued.  “And as for blowing up the world, I have many other planets in my universe where I can reinsert these souls.”

With that, this heroic man leaped up on the rock shelf and hit the Demon in the mouth.  The Imp that had been hiding behind him scampered away into the darkness.


From another room on another planet, a mother called out to her son, “Put your things away, Norrin.  It’s time to go out and play with your friends.”

“Okay mom,” said Norrin, throwing his toy soldiers back into their box.

Children on the planet Zenn-La had learned at an early age about the history of the people of Earth and their strange beliefs that had led to their demise.  It was a cautionary tale used to remind them of what could happen if they ever allowed their image of god to be created by someone else.        






From Lions to Jackals

Sometimes I like watching the old television shows from days gone by.  I like to watch the way people treated each other back then.  At least I like the way they were portrayed.   

One of my favorite episodes from “Little House on the Prairie,” aside from the one where the townspeople blew up their entire town rather than hand it over to a legalized land grabber, was about a bully at school. 

The bully was older and bigger than the other kids in the classroom.  He kept picking on the other students, taking whatever they had and pushing them around.  As his arrogance grew, he eventually started intimidating his teacher.

Well, that was enough for the kids.  The next recess when they went outside, all the girls and boys in the class jumped on the bully and beat the hell out of him.  The bully, now seeing the error of his ways, then made an apology to his teacher when they returned to class.

In my opinion, most of the problems we suffer from today would soon go away if we would take the advice of these lions who would not bow down to the tyrant.

Last December, a 14-year-old kid at a high school in Nevada pulled out two large knives and started swinging them around the other students at the bus stop.  Apparently, the kid had suffered greatly from bullying at his school and was being picked on by another kid just before he drew the knives.  There’s a video out there if you want to see it.  A cop shot him in the shoulder.  I’m not sure if he survived. 

The news stories made it about the cop and whether he should have shot the kid who was surrounded by a crowd of other students.    But that’s not what the story was about to me.  It was about how the other kids were recording all this on their cellphones while it occurred.  I assume that it wasn’t the first time this kid was on camera while being bullied. 

So, we go from the kids getting together to overcome the bully to the kids encouraging the bully while filming the debasement of their fellow student.  And the kid finally snaps.   

Is this the quality of our youth today?  Their kind would turn upon each other without hesitation if it benefitted them.  But then again, so would most of their parents. 

In this sorry example, we get a snapshot of the next batch of cops, politicians, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, journalists or whatever else these videographers end up doing. 

But whatever their profession, they’ll still be jackals.   

This does not bode well for our future. 




Secret Agent Man

Secret Agent Man


Hello, Secret Agent Man

We know what you are

You weave your duplicity

While blaming others near and far


Call in your provocateurs

Bring in violence anew

A reason to justify

The damage you do


Crisis-actors and patsies

Your next false-flag-to-be

And that’s how you take from us

Our chance for liberty


Collude with media

Your lies to impart

Spreading fear and incivility

To harden our hearts


To keep things in line, you see

Not the reason anymore

It’s global instability

As the outcome of war


What a shame you can see it now

Only now that you’re alone

While you sold us to slavery

You’ve done the same for your own


Here’s to you, Secret Agent Man

We know what you are

If this world could ever heal

Then you’d be the scar